Apple is expanding the happy emoji mask in the COVID-19 pandemic + pics

Apple is giving its mask-wearing emoji an update: The keyboard character donning a medical face mask will be smiling under the face covering.

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Apple is giving the mask-wearing Emoji a slight facelift. The symbol that has long been used to imply illness has taken on a new meaning in 2020 with the pandemic pushing people to wear face coverings for safety reasons.

Now, Apple has plans to tweak the little character, making it look as if it's happy to be wearing a face covering, according to the emoji search engine Emojipedia. For those who are unfamiliar, the yellow emoticon currently has downturned eyes and wears a white mask.


A new version of the mask Emoji is coming out with the next iOS update, according to Emojipedia. And the updated Emoji will get eyebrows and rosy cheeks to imply that it's smiling under the mask.


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In fact, it looks just like Apple's current "Smiling Face" Emoji, but with a face mask slapped on top of it. 


The Emoji's official name is "Face with Medical Mask" and it was added to iPhone iOS in 2008. Apple's move to alter the symbol follows Samsung, which gave its users a happier face mask emoji in March. 







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