Twitter brings its ‘read an article before retweeting’ prompt to iOS + info

Twitter wants you to read an article before you retweet it, and so far, the social media platform has received a positive response.

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In June, Twitter came up with a remarkable feature that encourages its user to read the tweet before retweeting it. The motto behind this is to reduce the sharing of fake information and to generate awareness among its users. It is considered as one of the best and smartest features that one firm has ever. When a Twitter user tries to retweet an article, he hasn’t open before a prompt happens to tell “headlines don’t tell you the full story.” You will have to confirm what you want to share. Twitter frequently comes up with new ideas to bring about fluency and easiness in its functionality, but this time it has come up with features that promote general awareness.


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Twitter is an American social media service used as a blogging platform that provides the user to share information and messages through tweets. The user having an account on official Twitter can tweet, read, like, and retweet. For the user, not having an account can read the tweets available. It is very effortless to open an account on Twitter; with few necessary steps, one can explore Twitter’s world. With twitter, the most ordinary person can enhance its voice to the highest level. Twitter provides an option of tagging, which could be used to tweet about a particular person, organization by mentioning it with a hashtag. Twitter has one billion downloads on Google play store and 4.4 ratings out of sixteen million reviews.


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When it comes to social media, Twitter does not stand first on the list, but it is one of the most standards, professional social media platforms. Starting from VVIP, high officials, and famous personalities to the most ordinary person, everybody has access to Twitter. It allows delivering a 280-word message called tweets. Twitter has an average of 152 million users actively using it daily. Users on Twitter can follow each other. Barack Obama became the most followed celebrity on Twitter with the 118 million followers, followed by American singer Justin Bieber with 111.8 million followers.


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Twitter claims that the new feature generates awareness among its users. According to the Twitter survey, only since they started this feature, people visited 40% more when they see the prompt, users who read the tweet before retweeting it has increased by 33%. Many people end up retweeting after reading the tweet. The above mention stuff is all deemed as a benefit of the new feature introduced by Twitter. Apart from this, people are generating their own opinion on a specific topic, which is very important for the development of o county.


User’s opinion: Twitter 

This reminder introduce by Twitter has got positive reviews from the users. The feature is now applicable to everyone. There is a decline in false retweeting, general awareness of an individual increase; people are more aware of putting in front of their opinion. The step by Twitter is considered to be successful. At the same time, there are no popular polls which could give us a brief idea.







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