Barcelona's soccer star speaks his truth!

Lionel Messi reveals his professional future+photos

Lionel Messi has become a trend again in the world after speaking his truth about his professional future

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Lionel Messi is a soccer player with FC Barcelona and the Argentina national team. He has established records for goals scored and won individual awards en route to worldwide recognition as one of the best players in soccer.

The Argentinian soccer star has become a trend again in the United States and the world after speaking his truth about his professional future. Spanish fans are relieved and everyone talked about his outfit during the interview...genius!

Lionel Messi

  • After losing 8-2 against German team Bayern Munich while fighting for the ultimate Champions League, the club had an institutional crisis.


  • A formal document leaked where the star, who has been playing there since he was 13 years old, told the President of the Club, Josep Bartomeu, that he wanted to leave.   


  • Lionel Messi talked personally with a Spanish journalist and went with flip-flops and sports clothing. Talk about humbleness! 

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With 33 years old, despite being the best player in the entire world and winning almost everything a professional athlete could ever desire, his last year was an atypical bad one. His team wasn't that united, he didn't feel comfortable with his trainer, and they lost against the German team. Leo decided that it was best to leave the club to seek other horizons.

After an official document with the resignation was leaked, a crisis broke out, but it finally had a happy ending. Leo stays in the city where he grew up, Barcelona.

Lionel Messi2

In the interview, Messi said that he didn't want to be hypocritical and "complain" considering the health and economic problems that happened in the wake of the coronavirus tragedy. He also commented that what weighed the most was seeing his children cry and asking them not to change schools.

This is a clear sign that despite looking like an alien on the playing field, Leo is human. And he has the same problems as all of us when considering a job change that can affect the family.




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