David Beckham angry with his wife for using their kids to promote her new lipstick brand +pics

David Beckham allegedly is enraged at his wife for using their kids to promote her brand.

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According to Heat, David Beckham is enraged at his wife for using their kids to promote her new lipstick range.

Victoria Beckham was recently accused of exploiting her children and future daughter-in-law, Nicola Peltz.

A source said that David Beckham wants to keep his kids away from the spotlight as much as possible. But Posh Spice is all about exposure and fame.


David also believes that he and his wife need to be careful about crossing a line. And while it’s OK for their kids to wear their parents' line sometimes, they should be careful about not overdoing it.

But David Beckham is, allegedly, questioning Victoria’s decision to also involve their sons’ girlfriends in her marketing and promotional tactics. After the former singer announced that she would be releasing a lipstick range, her son, Brooklyn Beckham, shared a photo of himself and his fiancée.

In the snap, Brooklyn is trying to help Peltz put one a VB lipstick.

Romeo’s girlfriend, Mia, also shared several photos of herself putting on the VB lipstick. Cruz also shared several photos on social media, and Harper posed for a photo while wearing a shirt that says, “Posh is back” to promote her mom’s lipstick.

Several critics slammed Victoria for, allegedly, exploiting her kids. On Instagram, some critics also said that Victoria should be ashamed of herself because she’s putting her business before her kids’ education.


Another critic also said that the Beckhams are always looking for another story to write in the paper. And another accused the Beckhams of selling their souls for fame and fortune.

But David Beckham cannot, allegedly, be blamed because he doesn’t also like what his wife is doing. In fact, David feels that Victoria is taking things a little bit too far. And he’s also, allegedly, worried that his wife would turn into Kris Jenner.

“David knows there is no one more passionate and hardworking than Vic, but when he saw the kids’ posts, he wasn’t impressed. He thinks this is her using the kids’ relationships for sales, like Kris Jenner does with the Kardashians, and it invites so much negativity,” the source said.

However, Victoria Beckham thinks that she’s just doing what’s need to promote her brand. And she also sees Peltz and Mia as part of her family.





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