Kobe Bryant treasure trove found in abandoned storage unit+photo

Kobe Bryant’s treasure was discovered during the broadcast of the 'Storage Wars' ... which was abandoned In a Los Angeles warehouse and priceless.

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Kobe Bryant’s treasure was discovered during the broadcast of the ‘Storage Wars’ program. Rene Nezhoda, one of the stars of ‘reality’, has found and bought a whole Kobe Bryant’s arsenal of clothing, sneakers and accessories which was abandoned In a Los Angeles warehouse and priceless.

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  • Memorabilia from Kobe Bryant has been selling like pop corn after the stars helicopter crash.
  • The locker included original paperwork with the basketball star's signature.
  • According to experts, the reality TV show star is going to make a fortune after paying "only" $13.000.


The thrill of finding a treasure has been long used in Hollywood. The success behind "Storage Wars", where participants participate on locker auctions just by getting a glimpse of what is inside is due to the surprises they can find. And boy, did Rene Nezhoda just hit the jackpot.

Kobe Bryant

Despite the show being on a temporary filming pause due to the pandemic, Rene will auction with a specialized sports auction house. Recently, some Air Jordans that belonged to Michael Jordan were auctioned for 615.000.


Kobe was back trending on social media after the "Mamba Day" (24th August) in memory of his birthday and the timing couldn't be better for the memorabilia.

Nobody knows who owned the storage before, but he will be surely thinking it twice before leaving an unpaid bill next time!






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