Pau Gasol names baby after Kobe Bryant's daughter+photo

Pau Gasol and his wife, Catherine McDonnell's newborn daughter was named in honor of Kobe Bryant and his late daughter, Gianna.

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Pau Gasol has given a very meaningful name to his newborn daughter — one that honors the Bryant family. 

The Spanish former Los Angeles Lakers player had a daughter and make the most emotional tribute to his former teammate and close friend Kobe by naming her Elisabet Gianna Gasol.Read more below! 

  • Pau is the second player in the history of his country to play in the NBA. 
  • He and Kobe were best friends after sharing 6 years together as teammates. 
  • After the tragedy that took Black Mamba and daughter Gigi's life, Pau and his wife Cat spend a lot of time together with the Bryants to support them. 


Kobe would be proud to watch that his legacy remains close in his family. Because Pau was for Kobe family. Both of their families spent a lot of time together.

Let's remember that Kobe's widow, Vanessa Bryant has Mexican origins and speaks fluent Spanish. She and Pau's wife clicked from the first moment and have been best friends ever since.

Pau Gasol

Now, the player shared the incredible picture on his social media and fans went crazy. The picture got over 300.000 likes in a day and it keeps growing.

One soul has left, but another one just arrived. It's the cycle of life. And the little Elisabet will be carrying the name of "Mambacita" for the rest of his wife remembering his amazing 'uncle', Kobe.





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