Mike Tyson Got a Woman Pregnant While He Was in Prison + photos

The former champion boxer had to serve a prison sentence after the court convicted him of raping a woman in 1992.

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While Mike Tyson is regarded as a boxing prodigy, he led a wild and insane life, which continued to stun people. The ex-heavyweight champion has done some crazy things in his life including making a woman pregnant even while he was inside the prison.

Over the years, Tyson has been engaged in various shocking acts starting from purchasing a diamond necklace worth $7 million to drive a Ferrari through the window of a store. And yet, every time his next act has been even more outrageous than the previous one. 


The former champion boxer had to serve a prison sentence after the court convicted him of raping a woman in 1992. He spent less than three years in jail and converted to Islam. 

While Tyson claims that he was innocent to this day, the boxer revealed on many occasions that his prison term proved to be advantageous for him. He even went to the extent of insisting that he spent some of his best days while being imprisoned. 

Tyson also opened up about impregnating a woman while he was behind the bar. He was so proficient in boxing that it was always a pleasure to watch him. Millions of viewers gathered to participate in his pay-per-view boxing matches. 


The former sportsman’s sincerity and labor paid off generously. He is believed to have accumulated a fortune of about $400 million during his entire career, Forbes reported. 

While there is no doubt about Mike Tyson’s unprecedented success in the ring, his personal life has been always stormy and disorderly, eventually leading to his professional downfall.

Considered to be a volatile person, he often insulted and fought with people he thought did not respect him. The player even had to shell out millions of bucks in form of settlements after assaulting his fans. 


Women had been always his weaknesses. He was in a tumultuous marriage with an actress called Robin Givens for a year. The marriage ended in a much-publicized divorce. 

While the former boxing champion was behind the bars, he still found his enjoyment and recreation from various sources. Tyson insists that he had a great time in prison and even had a girlfriend while he was serving his sentence.

The boxer revealed in an interview that he impregnated a woman while he was locked up. He also confessed that he had relationships with many other women staff at the prison. 

The woman whom Mike Tyson got pregnant while serving his prison term did not have his baby eventually. The boxer acknowledged of being a savage” at that time, Showbiz Cheat Sheet reports. 










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