Tyson Fury calls out Floyd Mayweather to fight for ‘WBC Celebrity Boxing Belt’ + pics

Tyson Fury calls out Floyd Mayweather to fight for ‘WBC Celebrity Boxing Belt’ after he beats Logan Paul.

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Boxing fans are not much excited about Floyd Mayweather locking horns with Logan Paul. Despite what boxing-buffs think of the matchup, the World Boxing Council (WBC) champion Tyson Fury would love to see how the match unfolds between the greatest and the most aspiring one in the game.

As per Fury, this one may be a big event that has the potential to streamline the future of boxing as a whole. The super showdown between Mayweather and Paul is set to pave the way for upcoming events.



The match won’t be a close-contested, the Gypsy King believes it will be an interesting one to watch. During one of his discussions with ITV, Fury said the matchup is the ideal one – Mayweather doesn’t need to prove his dominance in the boxing ring anymore, his 40 years of legit performance speaks volumes of his abilities already.  As far as Logan Paul is concerned, the game has just begun for him and there is a lot for him to learn from the fight legend if he gets to share the arena with him.

In his interview, Fury said that there is nothing to hold Mayweather back. In addition, the WBC champion also added that he has faced challenges of a similar kind on multiple occasions.

 About Mayweather’s unformidable legacy, Fury stated, “He (Mayweather) had done all the hard fights against the young up-and-coming challenges. He has fought all the Canelos, and he has fought all the Corrales. He has earned all, he has done it all. So if the guy wants to fight Mr. Blobby in his next fight, fair play to him. He has earned the right to pick what he wants to do.”


It’s not yet certain if the match will really take place between Mayweather and Paul, but Fury has left fans dumbfounded with a hope that even may step into the boxing ring to confront the undefeated.

In case there is a match and Mayweather beats Paul the possibility of which is fairly high, he will be in the first one who can challenge Fury for the WBC title.



If that comes true, Fury vs. Mayweather will definitely be one of the most competitive matches in the history of boxing. Both the performers have a reputation based on impeccable fighting skills, it’ll be a really tight one. Some big announcements may follow as the lining-up of matches is already underway.










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