Daniel Bryan Came To Nikki Bella’s Newborn, Matteo’s Rescue+ photos

Daniel Bryan Came To Nikki Bella's Newborn, Matteo's Rescue. It seems as though taking care of Matteo without Artem by her side is quite the struggle, that’s until uncle Daniel Bryan stepped up.

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It is a busy time for both Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev. Not only are they taking care of their adorable newborn Matteo, but Artem was also invited back to 'DWTS' for the current season.



Both are overjoyed with Artem making his return, despite his absence, Nikki is happy to see that Artem is back to being his normal self, something he wasn’t when he left the show;

"This past year was really tough on him, and it was also tough on our relationship, because Artem was fighting depression," Bella said. "He was really depressed being cut, and it was really hard for him to get past it. And he then finally found a job right before COVID hit, then he lost it, and then it brought that depression back of not being a part of 'Dancing With the Stars.'

"I felt like I had my old Artem back, the man that I fell in love with," she continued. "To see him perform, his smile could not get any bigger, and you just felt his excitement and his love and his passion and, more than anything, his happiness. He was so happy to be back."

In the meantime, while Nikki is taking care of Matteo on her own, it seems like an unexpected source stepped up.


Uncle Daniel To The Rescue

Given Nikki’s recent IG post, it seems as though taking care of Matteo without Artem by her side is quite the struggle, that’s until uncle Daniel stepped up (or uncle Bryan to the non-WWE fan).


According to Nikki, Daniel played a huge role in Matteo’s nap time;

Bella calls Daniel the ‘baby whisperer;’

"Uncle Bryan came to the rescue and Matteo slept so hard! lol Bryan is literally the baby whisperer it’s amazing! He’s has taught me SO much!"

Bryan’s wife Brie seems to agree, as Danielson has also played a huge part recently in helping out with Birdie, while she attends to the newborn Buddy;

“It’s been amazing, because Bryan’s really taken control with Bird and it’s allowed me to just give all my attention to Buddy. I obviously have my little times with Birdie throughout the day and I make sure I give her all the attention [then], but it’s really kind of helped me not be so stressed out.”

Clearly, Daniel is a skilled father out of the ring.









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