Royal Fans Call William And Kate 'Selfish' For Prince Harry birthday tweet+pics

Royal fans brand Prince William and Kate ‘selfish’ for Prince Harry birthday tweet

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Royal fans have branded Prince William and Kate Middleton ‘really selfish’ after they shared a tweet wishing Prince Harry a happy birthday.

Harry celebrated his birthday on Tuesday, turning 36 years old.


Many well wishes were sent to the red-haired royal, including a kind public message from his brother and his brother’s wife.

In William and Kate’s tweet, they shared a photo of the couple racing after Harry during a sporting engagement.

The tweet read: ‘Wishing a very happy birthday to Prince Harry today!’

Despite a very positive message with an uplifting photo, there were some who believe William and Kate ‘snubbed’ Harry’s wife Meghan Markle.


‘How rude. Why not have a photo of him when he’s happy with his lovely wife. Really selfish of Will and Kate,’ wrote one Twitter user.

Another claimed: ‘This picture was intentionally posted to exclude Meghan and to incite the comments that times were happier with no Meghan.’

‘I wish a picture showing Harry & his own family was posted instead of this one,’ a third wrote.

Meghan did not feature in other birthday wishes shared by Harry’s family, including his father Prince Charles’ tweet.


The Royal Family Twitter also shared a stand-alone photo of Harry from 2017 — before he was married to Meghan.




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