Celebrities who support Donald Trump for President again +pics

Celebrities who support Donald Trump for President again, are here.

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Celebrities who support Donald Trump for President again, are here. We've talked a lot about celebrities supporting the campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris. Today we want to address the other part of the story and tell you who are the relevant figures that support the current president. Scroll down to discover who they are.  


  • These past few months we've seen all kinds of artists use their influence on the audience to raise awareness about the importance of voting on November 3rd.
  • The Rock Johnson, Jennifer Lopez and Mark Ruffalo are just some of the stars that have endorsed Joe Biden as their candidate for the political office.
  • Singer Demi Lovato even released a song called Commander in Chief which addresses Donald Trump directly and criticized the way he carried out his mandate.



Joe Biden has many class A voters.

Celebrities like The Rock Johnson have publicly said they will vote for the Democratic Party in this year's election.

We recently learned that several of the Avengers' cast members are joining a fundraiser for Joe and Kamala's campaign.

All of this made us wonder who is on the other side of the counter. Among several names, we have chosen these 3 for you.


1. Stephen Baldwin.


One of the famous brothers has said that he deeply admires Trump's ability to follow through with his ideals despite public opinion.

The actor has actually retweeted many of the President's opinions as well as his wife's.


2.Kristie Alley.


The 69-year-old actress not only supports our current President but doesn't see Joe Biden as a coherent candidate, according to her own words on Twitter.


3.John Voight.

The Academy Award-winning actor is very vocal about his endorsement of Donald Trump.


Angelina's Jolie dad supports President Trump

He actually uploaded a video in which he urged voters to keep our President in the office for the next 4 years. 

Like everything in life, there are two sides to the same coin.

The most important thing of all is to vote. Make use of our citizenship to be part of the democratic process and choose the America we want for ourselves and our children.

Regardless of which political party we support.






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