Brad Pitt sued by a woman claims the actor tricked her for $100K +details

Brad Pitt is being taken to court after a Texas woman claimed he tricked her into giving $100,000 while luring her in for marriage.

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The "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" star Brad Pitt is in hot water again as a woman alleges that the Hollywood star promised her that he would marry her only to run away from her clearing $40,000 from her pocket.

Just as the allegations emerged, Brad Pitt issued a statement denying ever having any sort of a relationship with the woman. As per the claimer whose name is Kelli Christina, it wasn’t a direct scam that the Oscar winner simply asked for money and jetted away. Kelli has said that the actor lured her in for marriage and asked her to help in the fundraising efforts he was making at the time for his Make It Right Foundation which aimed to take care of construction and rebuilding of 150 homes in the Lower 9th ward of New Orleans.


Kelli, who claims she was contacted by Brad Pitt, is suing the star for $1,00,000. Due to the alleged charity debacle, Pitt will have to go to court to prove his side of the story. Brad Pitt has immediately turned down the claims and in the future, he may give a detailed version of his denial.

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In the documents cited by the DailyMail that Christina filed in the Texas Eastern District Court, there are claims that their professional relationship driven by charity work soon transformed into a very personal one. So much so that the star even discussed the possibilities of marrying her.

The Texas woman also alleged that she paid the actor $40,000 for being present at public gatherings she arranged for Make It Right Foundation which he never attended and kept on stalling for the future.


Some sources are also claiming that Christina never met Brad Pitt in person – as a matter of fact, she has just fallen prey to an online celebrity scam that has nothing to do with Pitt. His name was wrongly used to induce her to give out the money. 

The legal papers that Christina has presented to the court read, “Shortly after Plaintiff was approached by Brad Pitt regarding the charitable cause, in addition to the business relationship, a personal relationship began to develop between Kelli Christina and Brad Pitt to a degree that there were discussions of marriage between the two…”

This case is an unprecedented one. The actor who is worth over $300 million doesn’t really need to resort to monkey business for $40,000. Well, that’s for the court to decide if that really happened.  







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