These Twin Sisters Look Totally Different + photos

Lucy and Maria Aylmer are about as close as two twin sisters can get, but you’d never guess it just from looking at them – Lucy has fair skin and straight red hair while her sister has ebony, curly hair and dark skin.

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You can tell when siblings are twins, right? Even if you eliminate the matching clothes and similar personalities, the facial features pretty much set them apart from everyone else and make them easy to pick out of a crowd. This isn’t always the case, and we have the perfect story to showcase this theory. Twins can be so different from one another that you wouldn’t even know they’re related, let alone a set of twins. Meet the twins that had everyone questioning twins and genetics in general. It’s an incredibly unusual story that’s bound to change your perspective of how you look at twins from now on.


A Bun in the Oven

Donna and Vince Aylmer got exciting news when they found out that they were expanding their family of five by one more member. Donna, along with her husband, made their way to their first checkup and ultrasound to hopefully have a look at their new baby.



Normal Nerves

The couple was excited but nervous at the same time when it came time for their appointment. However, they didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary, and they knew exactly what to expect. If only they what was coming their way.



Two Buns in the Oven

During their appointment, the Aylmers received some shocking news. They were informed that they weren’t expecting one healthy baby, but two! Although the news caught the couple off-guard, they were thrilled. They couldn’t wait to meet their two bundles of joy.



Happy and Healthy

All the parents wanted to hear was that the babies were growing normally and were healthy. Even with the three other kids Donna and Vince had at home, they saw another two kids as double the blessings. The news was taken very well among the entire family.



A Delivery of Confusion

January 16th, 1997 was the day Donna and Vince welcomed two healthy and beautiful babies into the world. However, along with everyone else, the midwife was met with confusion when they had a good look at the pair. Something was very unique about the pair.



Meet Lucy

Donna embraced the one half of the twins with her arm. She was painted with a white complexion and deep blue eyes to match. The ginger-haired baby was named Lucy. However, the appearance of Lucy’s twin was not what you would have expected.



Meet Maria

The other half of the twin was joined in Donna’s arms. The babies were a complete contrast from one another. Unlike Lucy, Maria was graced with a darker complexion, twinkling brown eyes, and darker hair to match when compared to the other half of her twin’s appearance.



Confusion Followed Them

This confusion was birthed with them and followed them throughout their lives. The reason? You would never know that they were each other’s twin. You wouldn’t even know they were related! They couldn’t be any more different from one another.



Different People

At the age of seven, the twins sat their mother down to tell her that they didn’t want to dress in the same clothes anymore. It was clear that they didn’t look alike, so they didn’t see why they should dress the same.


No Twin Tricks

The girls were placed in the same class in school. Although this would have been a problem for most twins, everyone could tell the girls apart. This stopped them from playing the usual tricks twins play like swapping names with one another.



Torn Opinions

Maria and Lucy were happy to be seen as individuals, which is a feeling not many sets of twins get to experience, especially at the tender age of seven. However, they couldn’t benefit from the perks of being part of a twin.












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