The creepiest video of Britney Spears and Sam Asghari on Instagram + photo

The Video Of Britney Spears And Sam Asghari is the creepiest that has appeared on Britney Spears' Instagram account.

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This is the creepiest, most hair-raising video that has appeared on Britney Spears' Instagram account. That's a big statement to make, particularly when nothing that Britney has posted lately has even remotely resembled anything normal.

The most recent post on Spears' account was what 'might' be a video of herself and her boyfriend Sam Asghari. They are heavily filtered with an overload of special effects that distorted their appearance. We can't be sure if it's them, but we can definitely tell you that this video is so creepy that you'll be left feeling very uneasy about every aspect of it.


These two are mocking fans, at best. If we're assessing the worst case scenario here, that would be that this video could easily be depicting Sam Asghari's ultimate control over Britney.


The Very Disturbing Video

There's so much wrong with this post. It's so disturbing on many levels. For starters, take a look at the caption. Three back to back emojis of a face laughing so hard they're crying, with the simple, yet very telling mention of @samasghari. If you ever doubted his full control of Britney Spears, you may be believing in his powers now.


The video starts with their overly distorted faces and Sam makes sure the camera is on him when he says some eerily haunting things. "My God you are so gorgeous, this is why I fell in love with you," says Asghari in a very, very troubling tone. He goes on to say; "what about me, am I beautiful?" Britney cackles as the camera floats between the two of them. They appear to be lounging in a bed, and Britney responds by saying "it's so bad" as she laughs, and Sam weighs in again with more weirdness. "It's not bad, this is the way we look, and we love it!"


Fans Think Sam Asghari Is A Creep

If you listen closely enough, when she receives the compliment, it seems as though Britney says "thank you asa". Some fans believe she said "thank you master." Listen closely and you'll be able to formulate your own conclusions on this one.


There's very little that we can say is "normal" about this video. It seems that Sam has complete and total control over Britney. She may not be in control of her own social media account, but clearly he is. Without a shadow of a doubt, Sam has been reading the fan comments, and he took this opportunity to mess with the minds of worried fans. He even posted this own video to his personal Instagram account, with the caption: "this is how we look", and fans slammed him for his inappropriate behavior on both of their platforms.


If Asghari wanted attention, the mission has been accomplished. Fans officially think Sam Asghari is an official creep, and his very own video proves this point.






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