Jimmy Oliver's daughter separated from her parents + photos

Jimmy Oliver's daughter separated from her parents, and his wife struggling to come to terms with separation from Poppy.

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Jimmy Oliver's daughter separated from her parents. Jools Oliver is struggling to adjust to life without her eldest daughter Poppy, who has headed off to university.

Taking to Instagram, the mother-of-five shared an emotional video featuring pictures taken throughout the years and which played to Nelly's hit song Dilemma.

"Clearly still can't get my head around it!! Pops you will be pleased to know I have worked out how to add music to these slide things (see I am able to use technology without you) but every bone in my body misses you, that's the only way to describe it," she said.


 "Can't wait to spoil you when you come home, we are all so proud of you little legend number 1 xxx," she added.

The star's sweet post was inundated with messages of encouragement, with one writing: "Aww so beautiful Jools, just adorable. She will be amazing and make you so proud. I bet you cried making this, just like I would," to which Jools said: "You know I did, took me ages.


Family friend James Read, who is a leading self-tanning expert, added several love heart emojis, which prompted Jools to make a hilarious confession.

"James funny when your little face popped up she has just requested me to send her your face tan, essential apparently. More important than the contact lenses!! Hope you are well."

Jools' loving message followed husband Jamie's, which he had posted earlier in the day, clearly whilst Jools was still trying to put the video together!


"I can't believe this young lady my first born Poppy has headed off to university, OMG where did that little girl go!?!? Emotional and exciting times for young people all around the country in these very strange times.

"I wish you all the best of luck. Good luck Pops love you so much, take this great opportunity and run like the wind!!!! Go do all you dream of... it's waiting and hoping for you.... Love Dad x xx x."






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