Vintage 'Aladdin' T-shirt from 1992 nets $6000 in virtual auction+ pics

An Arizona man recently made $6,000 by selling a vintage t-shirt from "Aladdin," Disney's monster-hit 1992 animated film.

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We have talked about sports memorabilia from Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant going on auction for insane amounts of money and now we came across this sale. Remember the first Aladdin movie back in 1992? Somebody just made a fortune with the T-shirt of the genie! Look the picture below!

  • Aladdin was one of the most successful Disney films in history. 
  • At the time, it was the highest-grossing film of that year, with more than $504 million dollars worldwide. 


We are talking about 6000 dollars. Literally you could buy the exact amount of T-shirts in a supermarket. For some reason, this absurd story took place in the United States and here is how it was developed.


1) Some 27-year-old guy named Corbin Smith spent $500 on a T-Shirt. No, it's not from Louis Vuitton or Gucci. From Aladdin. And it was used. Yes. 

2) A couple of days later, a collector named Josh Adams paid $6000 for the same shirt in an auction. He has one of the largest television and movie T-shirts collection in the world and spent over 100k on it. 


So what's the conclusion here? Basically, don't take anything for granted. Also, if your son/friend/nephew says he wants to start a business buying old clothing, NEVER say no! It could be an incredible business. Last but not least, remember to start digging up your garage in case you found a treasure that could be sold online. You never know who might buy it! The entertainment world is full of fanatics!

If  you want to remember your childhood, watch the trailer from the 1992 movie! It will melt your heart:





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