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Machine Gun Kelly Was a ‘Jeopardy!’ Clue But Nobody Got It + Details

Machine Gun Kelly was referenced on ‘Jeopardy!’, but nobody recognised him

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Machine Gun Kelly born Colson Baker in Texas. Machine Gun Kelly raised in the Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights. Machine Gun Kelly began making music in his teens and made news in 2009.  Delivering lyrics with the speed of a bullet train, Cleveland rapper  experienced a meteoric rise in late 2011 when he transitioned from grinding out self-released mixtapes to working with major labels. From there, Machine Gun Kelly skyrocketed to superstar status, with each of his albums charting in the Top Ten.

Happy New Year to Machine Gun Kelly — the rapper, rock star and actor who was recently used as a clue on Jeopardy! but none of the contestants got it. Or even attempted to answer, in fact. But as one might expect, there are plenty of reactions to the video on Twitter.

The MGK clue came last month during an episode of the TV game show on Dec. 27, 2021. Kelly was included in a category called "Musical 3-Initialers," the entertainer's familiar acronym serving as prime fodder in a list of abbreviated artist names. It was the $800 clue.

Machine Gun Kelly has proved to be unpopular with the target demographic for Jeopardy!, as not a single contestant on a recent episode of the game show recognised him in a question asked on a recent episode.

"The stage name of this rapper and actor gets shortened to MGK," Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings said as a photo of the musician who's dating actress Megan Fox flashed on the screen. When no one chimed in, the host added, "Not fans of Machine Gun Kelly, apparently."

Online reactions ran the gamut. "No one knowing Machine Gun Kelly made my day," one Twitter user said, adding loudly crying face emojis. "@machinegunkelly was a @Jeopardy question tonight and no one knew the answer! i was appalled," another commenter remarked. (See more reactions from Twitter below.)

Rock and metal acts frequently serve as Jeopardy! clues. Last year, one Jeopardy! winner correctly answered Rammstein but couldn't pronounce the German metal band's name. Before that, Pantera and Motorhead were used as clues. Not to mention a further 15 times rock bands were Jeopardy! questions.

The episode wrapped up Jennings’ first year as the host of Jeopardy!, following the death of longstanding host Alex Trebek last November. Jennings is set to co-host the series with former Blossom actor Mayim Bialik – whose inclusion spurred criticism from John Oliver, as well as former winner Arthur Chu – through to the end of July.


The rapper-turner-rocker’s sixth album, ‘Born With Horns’, is due out later this year


Machine Gun Kelly

Meanwhile, Kelly is gearing up to release his sixth album, ‘Born With Horns’, sometime in 2022. Described as “deeper” and “more guitar-heavy”, the album will serve as follow-up to 2020’s ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ – which scored Kelly his first Billboard Number One album.

The album was originally unveiled back in August, when Kelly and collaborator Travis Barker got matching tattoos of its title on their forearms. Kelly dropped the album’s lead single, ‘Papercuts’, later that month. He premiered it live with Barker at the MTV Video Music Awards in September. That same night, he and UFC fighter Conor McGregor got into a fight on the VMAs’ red carpet.

Outside of music, Kelly has also recently turned his attention to expanding his filmography. In August, it was announced that he and Mod Sun would co-direct a film, titled Good Mourning With A U. He’s also due to appear in The Last Son and Jackass Forever, as well as Taurus – in which he will reportedly take the lead role.




Machine Gun Kelly

my dad is watching jeopardy and just dropped machine gun kelly’s name when NONE of the contestants knew skdjskjf my dad is almost 70 HOW DOES HE KNOW THIS LMAO

No love for @machinegunkelly on @Jeopardy unfortunately. Ken was livid.

@machinegunkelly was a @Jeopardy question tonight and no one knew the answer! i was appalled.

They showed a picture of Machine gun Kelly to 3 intellectuals on jeopardy tonight and said who is this man. Silence. The earth is healing

I really hate that I knew the answer to the Machine Gun Kelly clue on Jeopardy

Jeopardy might want to pick me. I can get most all of the questions right, including any related to Machine Gun Kelly.



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