Madonna raised her skirt and showed her underwear to millions + Details & Pics

Madonna was lifting up her skirt to flash her saucy black underwear and fishnets to her 17.3 million followers

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Madonna is one of the most famous actresses. Madonna is also a famous singer. Madonna is also a songwriter. Madonna, a mother of six, recently posted a new post on her Instagram.

'About to give birth': Madonna, 63, poses with her legs open and flashes underwear as she declares herself an 'exhibitionist' in latest raunchy snaps

She certainly knows how to raise eyebrows when it comes to her racy Instagram content.

And Madonna was at it again on Tuesday, lifting up her skirt to flash her saucy black underwear and fishnets to her 17.3 million followers - joking that she was 'about to give birth.'

The 63-year-old Queen Of Pop posed on her back with her legs positioned as if she were in labor, a tribute to the Frida Kahlo painting My Birth, she revealed. 

Madonna is known for racy moments over her career, and fans have been wowed by her latest sexy social media snap where she flashes her underwear.

The 63-year-old queen of pop posed for the camera raising her skirt, leaving little to the imagination and revealing her black lacy knickers.

Her post had rapidly clocked up more than 100,000 likes and fans rushed to praise the star.

In one pic she pouts with her hair flicked to one side, in a gorgeous green botanical print dress with a corset over the top, flashing a pair of fishnet tights.

She set pulses racing in a different outfit, in a white shirt dress and red fingerless gloves, flashing her underwear as she poses alongside some sexy artwork.


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Madonna shared another pic in front of the same artwork, with one leg propped up while wearing chunky black boots.

It all seems too much for the star as she also lay backwards on a table with the art removed.

The 1932 painting is a vivid and brutally honest portrayal of a woman giving birth, which the avid art collector happens to personally own.   

Madonna also referred to herself as an 'exhibitionist' in the Instagram series, teasing in the caption: 'Exhibitionist in Marble Arch.' 

The Ray of Light singer, who lived in England for years during her failed marriage to Guy Ritchie, showed off her legs in a couple of risque ensembles.

One was a shimmering floral mini-dress that featured a plunging neckline allowing her to betray just a hint of cleavage as she posed upside down.

The Like A Prayer singer accentuated the look with a large jeweled cross, pulling her best supermodel stare for the camera.



She made sure to put her endless pins on display to full advantage as she swanned about in a pair of black leather boots.

Madonna cinched a bit of black corsetry around that dress, emphasizing her enviably svelte figure for her new album.

Another one of her looks was a smock-like white dress with red accents including her belt and her fingerless gloves.

While wearing that outfit she lay back and bent her legs, mimicking the poses being struck in photographs hanging on the wall behind her.

Madonna's social media also featured a snap of herself checking her phone as she sat legs akimbo in what her caption revealed was a nod to 'BIRTH OF VENUS.'

Another picture captioned: 'SELF OBSESSION,' showed the Express Yourself singer snapping a selfie with her both hands.

She lay on her front for one snap, folding her hands and glaring at the camera as she exhorted the fans: 'SAY YOUR PRAYERS.' 



On her Insta Stories that day the Material Girl included a photo of herself at a fun fair captioned: 'LIFE IS A CRAZY RIDE.' 

Madonna's latest pictures come just a month after she hit the headlines for a string of raunchy bedroom snaps she posted to Instagram.

The most famous picture showed Madonna's legs and derriere protruding out from under a bed where she had spent much of her photo-shoot lolling around. 

Madge drew widespread attention for that album, freeing the nipple and splaying her legs in an extravaganza that left her public rolling their eyes. 

'Stop showing your a**, we've seen plenty of it with the Sex book and it was brave then. Now it's just classless and it has nothing to do with your age...,' wrote one. 

'WHY MADONNA?' commented another Instagram user while a third remarked that 'This is getting kind of embarrassing now.' 

Mockery came in from such names as 50 Cent, who re-posted a meme of the snap that showed Madonna's rear end.

Madge's buttocks were seen protruding from under Dorothy's house in The Wizard Of Oz as if she were the Wicked Witch Of The East.

She responded to 50 Cent by accusing him of 'trying to humiliate others on social media' and he wrote: 'ok Im sorry i did not intend to hurt your feelings.'

Madonna then put on a wacky filter for an Instagram video slamming him for his 'fake' apology but insisting: 'I forgive you.'



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