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Kim Kardashian trying to be Beyonce + Details, pics and comments

Kim Kardashian has been branded 'embarrassing' by fans as they claim she is 'trying to be Beyonce

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Kim Kardashian is an American artist, actress and model. Kim Kardashian was born on October 21, 1980 in the United States. Kim Kardashian is in the spotlight due to her different physical physique. Kim Kardashian is the wife of Kanye West, who is divorcing him.

On Wednesday, fans of Bey accused reality star Kim, 41, of copying the songstress as she dropped her latest SKIMS collection.

Sharing snaps from the shoot on her Twitter, she wrote: "Just dropped @SKIMS All-In-One! Shop now at http://SKIMS.COM."

Underneath the campaign images, which saw Kim appear to mimic Beyonce, fans slammed the star.

Kim Kardashian drove fans wild after sharing several snaps to her brand Skims' Instagram - but not for her latest product drop.

They mistook the mother of four for Beyonce - due to their strikingly similar hairstyles.  

Kim, 41, sported light brown crimpled hair which looked very much like looks Queen Bey has rocked over the years - complete with the statement sunglasses.

Kim Kardashian has people wondering if her recent look for Skims is a copycat of Beyonce. The brand posted several photos on their Instagram showing off their bodysuits and Kim‘s crimped wig is almost identical to the singer’s hairstyle.


Kim Kardashian

Kim donned several different pieces from Skims, all of which were jumpsuits with long sleeves.

Plus Kim wore sunglasses in one of the pics, and people noticed it looked almost exactly like an ad Beyonce recently did in a neon green one piece. The lime green look was just posted last month in November and is apart of her new Hall of Ivy Clothing collection.

She posed with nude lipstick with caramel colored hair that was crimped and voluminous.

Fans took to Instagram and Twitter to express their shock at how alike they looked, calling Kim Beyonce in some comments.

People have taken to Twitter about the similarities with one fan tweeting, “kim kardashian wants to be beyoncé so bad, it’s actually scary..” Another wrote, “Now what in the Beyoncé is going on here?? #KimKardashian.“

Some also called the aesthetic and the styling as eerily similar to Beyonce's brand Ivy Park ads. 

One Instagram user thought it was Beyonce in a Skims ad, writing: 'Omg Beyonce the Queen is a Skims ad wow' while another simply asked 'Why is she look like Beyonce.'

Others just commented 'Yes Beyonce or 'All I see is Beyonce.'

"This is embarrassing Kim be yourself and Stop trying to be Beyonce," one person commented.

another penned: "We’re saying it’s a failed Beyoncé cosplay with fried hair."

However, others defended the star, with one person adding: "Y'all need to chill...Beyonce did not invent this hairstyle or looks..Let Kim do what she wants. Yall keep hating and she keeps winning everytime..Let the woman be!"

And a fifth blasted: "You are not Beyoncé. You will never be Beyoncé. This is just embarrassing."

"Wow did @Beyonce approve of this. Very nice though!" another said.

In recent days, Kim made headlines after she was spotted by Pete Davison's bachelor pad.

One person shared an image of Beyonce in her Ivy Park ad, which appeared to look like the new Skims photos, adding: 'This is an Ivy Park aesthetic & y'all know you did a double take when you saw this pic lmao leave me alone.' 

One person wrote: 'Kanye is obsessed with Drake & She's obsessed with Beyonce! Somebody had to say it.'

Another defended Kim, saying: 'How is she obsessed with Beyonce? Just because her hair looks a bit like that it doesn't mean she obsessed with Beyonce.' 


Kim Kardahian and Pite Davidson


Kim Kardashian

The images come after Kim's new love interest Pete Davidson was seen picking up new bling from a jewelry store while using her Rolls-Royce.

Earlier that morning Pete was spotted enjoying an early morning breakfast date with Kim at The Beverly Hills Hotel after spending several days together in New York City. 

It’s not the first time people have found similarities in the Skmis shoots. Back in October Basketball Wives star, Draya Michelle subtly accused the brand of stealing a photoshoot she did with Tanaya Henry. In Draya’s ad, the ladies are sitting in lingerie as she feeds Tanaya a red cherry. The ad Skims used features Kourtney Kardashian who is feeding a cherry to Megan Fox. The only real difference is that the cherries are purple and not red.

Over the weekend, Kim, 41, took a trip to the Big Apple with her New York native beau - taking in the sights of the city and catching a film together.

While not a tourist attraction, Pete's luxury Staten Island bachelor pad was also a place of interest for the Keeping Up with the Kardashian star.

Valued at $1.2 million, Pete, 27, purchased the high-rise property in 2016 after moving out of his mother's basement - who still lives close by to her comic son.

Pete moved into the swanky pad at the start of the year, after bunking with his mother for a few years after his split from ex-fiancee Ariana Grande.

"'What's up guys? We are in my apartment slash basement in my mom's house," Pete said on a video tour of his mum's basement in the past.




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