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Beyoncé Is Going To Be Angry At Jay-Z + Details and pics

Jay-Z compared Beyoncé to Michael Jackson

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Beyonce is an American hip hop and rap star. Beyonce has come a long way in achieving fame in the world of music, after a while working in the field of music, Beyonce's talent in acting was also discovered. Beyonce has starred in some of the most famous Hollywood movies.

It's hardly a secret that Jay-Z and Beyoncé have had their ups and downs when it comes to their marriage. Most notably (of course!) is that infamous cheating scandal the two weathered, with the rapper confirming to The New York Times Style Magazine in 2017 that he did in fact step out on Beyoncé after infidelity rumors began to swirl in 2013.

"The hardest thing is seeing pain on someone's face that you caused, and then have to deal with yourself," he explained, also speaking candidly about issues he experienced in his childhood and how they affected him. He also seemingly admitted the two were pretty close to going their separate ways, sharing, "You know, most people walk away, and, like, divorce rate is like 50% or something 'cause most people can't see themselves."

But that didn't happen and this power couple stayed together, with Beyoncé welcoming their twins in 2017, making their firstborn daughter, Blue Ivy, a big sister. Both Jay-Z and Beyoncé put their feelings into their music, with Beyoncé infamously sharing her thoughts on the drama on her album, "Lemonade". "We were using our art almost like a therapy session," Jay explained of hitting the studio, revealing they'd initially planned to do a joint album but ended up with solo projects.

But now the rapper is admitting his wife may not be too happy with him once again, and the reason why this time might just surprise you.


Jay-Z compared Beyoncé to Michael Jackson



Jay-Z couldn't help but gush over his wife, Beyoncé, during a Twitter Spaces chat on December 21, in which he likened her to a fellow legend — The King of Pop himself. "Bey's gonna be mad at this for saying this but Michael Jackson never had a Coachella," he told Alicia Keys and Rob Markman, referring to her showstopping performance at Coachella music festival in 2018 (via New York Post).

He then explained the comparison a little further, noting Beyoncé is "an evolution of him because she watched him at [9 years old]. And the kids are the same." He then continued, "Find me a concert that's as culturally relevant and thrilling as Coachella. Beyoncé is gonna be one of the best singers we ever heard because she is such a student," and, well, got mixed responses.

Beyoncé hasn't publicly responded to her husband's comparison, so how "mad" she actually got at her man is anyone's guess, though she has been very vocal about her admiration of the late singer. She paid tribute to Jackson on her website in 2012, writing in part, "Michael Jackson changed me, and helped me to become the artist I am" as she gushed over how his talents were "God given."

The two have regularly been compared over the years, with Variety asking in 2019 is she'd "overtaken" him as "the most important Black artist of our time," while Medium full on compared the two's achievements in February.

Jay-Z’s got “99 Problems” — and his comparison of wife Beyoncé to late King of Pop Michael Jackson is one. 



The “444” rapper is at the forefront of intense Twitter turbulence between fiery fans of the fallen “Thriller” star and diehard members of the ever-buzzing #BeyHive tribe. And the cyber chaos ensued when Jay, 52, dubbed Beyoncé, 40, an “evolution” of Jackson — who died in 2009 at age 50. 

“Bey’s gonna be mad at this for saying this but Michael Jackson never had a Coachella,” Jay-Z said during a recent Twitter Spaces chat with his “Empire State of Mind” collaborator Alicia Keys and host Rob Markman. 

“She’s an evolution of him because she watched him at 9. And the kids are the same,” the Brooklyn emcee added. 

Jay-Z went on to praise his “Run the World (Girls)” crooning bride for her world-stopping “Beychella” performance at the 2018 Coachella music festival. 

“Find me a concert that’s as culturally relevant and thrilling as Coachella,” he urged. “Beyoncé is gonna be one of the best singers we ever heard because she is such a student.”

The Queen Bey’s undeniable reign notwithstanding, social media soldiers immediately took to their keyboards, arguing that the “Sorry” singer should not be named in the same sentence as Jackson. 

“I Love Beyoncé but don’t take it too far saying she’s better than Michael Jackson,” one MJ fanatic wrote. 

I Love Beyoncé but don’t take it too far saying she’s better than Michael Jackson

— Ty (@tysorosey) December 22, 2021



“Respectfully Michael Jackson never needed anything like Coachella throughout his lifetime. Michael Jackson has had double the audience of anything Beyonce ever had. mj had people literally fainting and being transported on stretchers…no offense but MJ is unmatched,” penned another. 

Bey buffs struck back with tweets like: “Beyoncé was pregnant & singing upside down at FWT, pregnant & throwing up when she did Glastonbury, sick when she sang her face off at Oprah’s show. Michael Jackson sprained his ankle & did an entire performance sitting down & lip-syncing for his life. the bar is SO low for men. TUH.”

“Beyoncé is more talented than Michael Jackson. y’all just love to demote her talent because she is a woman. If Beyoncé was a man y’all wouldn’t be saying this,” said another Bey devotee.

Jay-Z previously crowned Beyoncé — who in March earned her 28th Grammy and became the most Grammy Award-winning female artist of all time — “the second coming” of Jackson during a 2011 interview with Miami’s 99 Jamz. 

“What I’ve learned from her is similar to what I learned from Mike [Jackson],” Jay said of the “Love on Top” luminary. “I know that’s blasphemy to compare the two because Mike was such an innovator — but I think she’s like the second coming.“

So far, neither Beyoncé nor the members of Jackson’s music-making family — including baby sister Janet Jackson, 55 — have openly commented on Jay-Z’s most recent comparison of the two. 



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