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Tom Cruise uses private jet to fly his favorite Christmas cakes to England + Details and pics

In addition to being a generous person, Tom Cruise is a person who can surprise others.

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Tom Cruise is one of the most famous actors in the world of Hollywood. Tom Cruise has many honors in his artistic credentials. Tom Cruise has gained most of his fame by appearing in action movies and has become one of the most popular actors in the world. Tom Cruise news and fringe has become a favorite of many.

It seems that UPS or FedEx wasn’t good enough for Tom Cruise, who wanted 300 white chocolate coconut bundt cakes from his favorite LA bakery delivered to his UK-based film crew

This Christmas gift really takes the cake.

Tom Cruise reportedly flew his private jet across the Atlantic and back to deliver baked goods to his London-based “Mission: Impossible” film crew.

 the “Top Gun” actor, 59, flew 300 Christmas cakes more than 5,500 miles on his private plane.

“Tom wanted to give the team on Mission: Impossible a treat for Christmas and decided that only cakes from his favorite bakery in LA would do,” the insider dished.

“He organized for the shop to make 300 cakes especially and they were then flown back to the UK on his jet.”

The outlet’s source noted that it was “extravagant” but said, “Tom is an incredibly generous person and he wanted to do something special for everyone who has worked on the movie with him.”

Back in December, a furious Cruise, who plays Ethan Hunt in the action franchise, tore into crew members who broke COVID-19 rules on set.

He erupted into an over three-minute-long, expletive-filled rant, telling workers, “If I see you do it again, you’re f–king gone.”

The veteran movie star later stood by his comments when he spoke to Empire about the incident in May.

“All those emotions were going through my mind,” he said. “I was thinking about the people I work with, and my industry. And for the whole crew to know that we’d started rolling on a movie was just a huge relief. It was very emotional, I gotta tell you.”


Tom Cruise's biography


Tom Cruise

In 1976, if you had told fourteen-year-old Franciscan seminary student Thomas Cruise Mapother IV that one day in the not too distant future he would be Tom Cruise, one of the top 100 movie stars of all time, he would have probably grinned and told you that his ambition was to join the priesthood. Nonetheless, this sensitive, deeply religious youngster who was born in 1962 in Syracuse, New York, was destined to become one of the highest paid and most sought after actors in screen history.

Tom is the only son (among four children) of nomadic parents, Mary Lee (Pfeiffer), a special education teacher, and Thomas Cruise Mapother III, an electrical engineer. His parents were both from Louisville, Kentucky, and he has German, Irish, and English ancestry. Young Tom spent his boyhood always on the move, and by the time he was 14 he had attended 15 different schools in the U.S. and Canada. He finally settled in Glen Ridge, New Jersey with his mother and her new husband. While in high school, Tom wanted to become a priest but pretty soon he developed an interest in acting and abandoned his plans of becoming a priest, dropped out of school, and at age 18 headed for New York and a possible acting career. The next 15 years of his life are the stuff of legends. He made his film debut with a small part in Endless Love (1981) and from the outset exhibited an undeniable box office appeal to both male and female audiences.

With handsome movie star looks and a charismatic smile, within 5 years Tom Cruise was starring in some of the top-grossing films of the 1980s including Top Gun (1986); The Color of Money (1986), Rain Man (1988) and Born on the Fourth of July (1989). By the 1990s he was one of the highest-paid actors in the world earning an average 15 million dollars a picture in such blockbuster hits as Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994), Mission: Impossible (1996) and Jerry Maguire (1996), for which he received an Academy Award Nomination for best actor. Tom Cruise's biggest franchise, Mission Impossible, has also earned a total of 3 billion dollars worldwide. Tom Cruise has also shown lots of interest in producing, with his biggest producer credits being the Mission Impossible franchise.

In 1990 he renounced his devout Catholic beliefs and embraced The Church of Scientology claiming that Scientology teachings had cured him of the dyslexia that had plagued him all of his life. A kind and thoughtful man well known for his compassion and generosity, Tom Cruise is one of the best liked members of the movie community. He was married to actress Nicole Kidman until 2001. Thomas Cruise Mapother IV has indeed come a long way from the lonely wanderings of his youth to become one of the biggest movie stars ever.



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