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Khloe Kardashian showed her ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson what he was missing + details and pics

Blonde bombshell Khloe Kardashian ditches her bra for sexy shoot after cheater Tristan Thompson ADMITTED months-long sex romps with another woman as paternity scandal rumbles on

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Khloe kardashian unfollowed her ex-boyfriend on Instagram. Khloe kardashian is a media personality. Khloe kardashian published a photo of himself showing her abdomen. Khloe kardashian's  abdomen is very beautiful and muscular.

Khloe Kardashian, 37, shared a series of stunning snaps on Instagram after her former partner Tristan Thompson is in the centre of a paternity scandal.

Khloe Kardashian flashes her solid abs in stunning photoshoot after being humiliated again by Tristan Thompson.

Taking a moment away from the unfolding drama around her baby daddy Tristan, Khloe showed him what he's missing as she flaunted her incredible physique.

Wearing unbuttoned white jeans from her clothing brand Good American, the business woman pulled up her tan vest top to show off a toned tummy.

In the selection of glamorous shots, Khloe rocked curly blonde locks and wore a natural palette of make up.

She tagged her personal trainer 'Coach Joe' in the post as well as her hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons and her make up artist Mary Philips.

The sensual snaps came as more details are spilling from Sacramento Kings player Tristan Thompson's paternity battle with the woman he had an affair with.


Khloe Kardashian's rlationship

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe and Tristan share four-year-old True, but Tristan has now allegedly fathered a son with another woman.

The Sun revealed that Khloe was said to be "mortified" after she discovered that Tristan snuck his new partner Maralee Nichols into his LA home behind her back.

It has been alleged that the 30-year-old had fathered a son with Maralee, 31, after they had a four-month affair.

In new court documents, the fitness trainer confessed to sleeping with her in a hotel in Texas and bought her to his home on "maybe two occasions".

A source exclusively told The Sun: "To call Khloe upset would be an understatement".

 “Khloe suspected Tristan stepped out on her during Covid, but did not know that he invited other women to his home until the legal documents were released.

"She sees his place as an extension of hers, and is mortified now that she knows the mother of his new baby spent time there".

Maralee claims that Tristan "travelled to California on multiple occasions" and then continued to see him "after she got pregnant".

The paternity of Maralee's baby has not yet been established in court.

Khloe is said to be particularly hurt about the fact that the alleged affair was going on around Christmas time last year.

The insider told the newspaper that December 2020 was a "sacred" time in their relationship.

It's been reported that the reality TV star's family have stepped in and banned her from taking him back even if she wanted to.

The gorgeous photos came just seven months after an unedited snap of her wearing a bikini went viral and she was hit with backlash for allegedly using photoshop.

She claimed the photo was posted without her knowledge and she used it as an opportunity to address her struggle with body image.

He has been accused of having a four month affair behind Khloe's back.

Khloe Kardashian said the pressure to be "perfect" was "too much to bear" and said how she had been branded "the fat sister" by cruel trolls over the years.

She said that her "imperfections" had been "micro-anaylised" but added that she has "every right" to control what she shares on her social media platforms.

The mum admitted: "I love a good filter, good lighting, and an edit here and there".

he said: Our relationship was based on sex.' Tristan Thompson admits to hooking up with 'baby mama' Maralee Nichols for MONTHS, only communicating for 'where and when' to meet up via Snapchat under his username 'blkjesus00.

Khloe Kardashian's Thompson has conceded that his 'hook up' with alleged baby mama number three was actually a months-long series of hotel sex sessions.

The philandering Sacramento Kings center had previously admitted to sleeping with his former personal trainer Maralee Nichols, 31, although the paternity of the little boy she gave birth to on December 1 is yet to be established.

But while Thompson said they had sex several times at his 30th birthday celebrations in March – around the time he was also publicly dating Khloe – he's now conceding that the pair had been meeting up for months.

In court documents obtained by, Thompson said he communicated with Nichols via Snapchat under the username 'blkjesus00,' only discussing when and where they would meet up for sex.


Khloe Kardashian's photos

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe's photos come just seven months after an unedited bikini picture of her went viral online - prompting instant backlash over the star's alleged use of photoshop.

Although the image proved to be a stark contrast to her retouched Instagram snaps, Khloe received a ton of positive comments at the time about her natural physique and seemingly makeup-free face.

After the bikini kerfuffle - which was said to have been posted without her knowledge - she took to Instagram to speak out about the situation and her longtime struggle with 'body image.'

In an excerpt from her lengthy statement she wrote that the pressure to 'be perfect,' was 'too much to bear,' while citing nasty remarks she has heard over the years about her being dubbed 'the fat sister.'

She continued to say that her 'flaws' and 'imperfections' have been 'micro-analyzed,' and maintained that she has 'every right' to control what she wants to share on Instagram.

And lastly she confessed: 'I love a good filter, good lighting, and an edit here and there.'




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