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Kim Kardashian has filed new court papers her divorce + Pics

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be embroiled in tough divorce proceedings, speculate fans

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Kim Kardashian has been planning a divorce for a long time. Kay Kardashian believes she and her ex-husband deserve a better life. Kim Kardashian considers counseling fruitless. Kim Kardashian says there is nothing to save her marriage.

Kim Kardashian, who announced this week she has passed a tough law exam in fourth attempt, has not received any words of appreciation from her estranged husband Kanye West.

The 41-year-old reality star has truly made her loved ones feel proud by passing her baby bar exam and received massive applause from family members and friends on the success.

Kris Jenner has also shared a special tribute to her daughter Kim Kardashian and lauded the American TV personality an 'inspiration to many'.

But, Kanye remained mum on his estranged wife's achievement and shared no words of praise to encourage the mom-of-four.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star, who previously failed the baby bar exam three times, has left her estranged husband Kanye West in shock with her recent move as she filed to become legally single amid her new romance with comedian Pete Davidson.

Kim and Kanye's fans are speculating that the exes may be embroiled in tough divorce proceedings in future over custody of their four children.

Kim Kardashian's ex-husband Kanye West says

Kim kardashian

A source close to the 44-year-old rapper said that his marriage and family are 'important' and that he's a family man whose 'love and commitment' to Kim, 41, and kids 'will never change'

In recent weeks, Kanye has made multiple public please for forgiveness from the mother of his four children including during his Free Larry Hoover concert with Drake in Los Angeles last week

However it hasn't seemed to change anything as a source close to Kim told E! News on Tuesday that she 'tries not to pay attention' to his appeals to rekindle the flame and that she tries to 'ignore it when he does this.

Kim filed the legal documents on Friday, which will make her legally a single woman if and when signed off by a judge

'Irreconcilable differences have existed and continue to exist between him and me, which have caused our marriage to irretrievably break down,' the docs state

The 41-year-old SKIMS solutionwear mogul also wants her maiden name restored, which means dropping West

It's unclear how her businesses will take a hit, as KKW Beauty and KKW fragrance use her married initials

Just last week, Kanye begged for Kim to 'run right back to me' amid their divorce during a Free Larry Hoover concert on Thursday which she attended

Kardashian officially filed for divorce in February, and the couple has four children: North, eight, Saint, five, Chicago, three, Psalm, two

new court papers

Kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian doesn’t believe there’s anything that can save her marriage to Kanye West, new court documents in their divorce case reveal.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 41, filed court documents through her lawyer on Monday in which she requests for a separate trial on the termination of her and West’s marital status.

The court documents include a declaration in which Kardashian’s lawyer claims the reality star has been “attempting to settle this matter” since February. “Petitioner and her counsel have reached out to [West] and his counsel several times in an attempt to move this case forward to a speedy and amicable resolution. [West] has been non-responsive,” the documents state.

A declaration filed by Kardashian’s lawyer describes her marriage to West as “irremediably broken down.”

[Kardashian] no longer desires to be married to [West]. [Kardashian] is agreeable to the imposition of any conditions the Court deems necessary in severing the marriage. The parties adhered to the terms of their premarital agreement during their marriage and maintained the separate property character of their assets. There are simply no compelling reasons not to grant a motion to bifurcate and terminate marital status in this case,” the documents allege.

The filing goes on to claim that the marriage between the two “is no longer viable.”

In her own declaration, Kardashian states, “No counselling or reconciliation effort will be of any value at this time.

[West] and I both deserve the opportunity to build new lives. Therefore, I am asking that my request to bifurcate and terminate our marital status be granted,” Kardashian’s declaration continues.

Kardashian and West, 44, still have to hammer out other issues pertaining to their divorce, such as the division of property, probate matters, and their custody arrangement. Her request is asking for her to be declared legally single before the rest of the issues are settled.




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