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Megan Fox calls out creepy behavior of Michael Bay + pics

Megan Fox calls out creepy behavior of Michael Bay and Machine Gun Kelly talks about starting his relationship with Magnet Fox

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Megan Fox recently surprised everyone by chaining herself to Machine Gun Kelly. Megan Fox now surprises others by explaining her previous relationship. However, this relationship is related to the time when Megan Fox was only 15 years old. Megan Fox is currently in a relationship with Machine Gun Kelly.

We are here to talk about the big news which has been surfacing throughout as the disgusting relationship of Michael Bay with Megan Fox has been exposed.

There has been a lot of talks regarding the relationship that Michael Bay had with Megan Fox at the time where the fans often speculated the fact that there was some sort of uncomfortable reaction between the two of them.

Michael Bay reacted in a creepy way at the time with Megan Fox and though she is also responded over this news as the situation took place back in 2009 but still people have not gotten over this fact and thus Megan basically recalled his behaviour as creepy while she was just a teen at the time.

Megan Fox appeared in an interview and though she stated that she was put out on a clip which was filmed and thus got viral whereas she was put out in Bikini along with six-inch heels and these were decided by Michael Bay.

Megan Fox shares her opinion on the past experience with Michael Bay

Megan Fox

Megan stated that at the time she was just 15 and the authorities around Michael Bay also advised him to not go with the scene of Megan holding a drink in her hands in the bar due to the fact that she is just 15 but instead of it, Michael came across a simple solution at the time which was then to have her dancing in a scene of the waterfall while standing out as in a soaking wet scene.

Megan also added at the time that she was in 10th grade at the time and this is how Bay’s mind was into working when she was put out for something extra. It is clear to say by this that Megan did not like what Michael Bay set up for her while she was just a teenager at the time and though it is a kind of reaction that the personality will keep throughout her life.

Mentioning the fact that people were horrified when they came across the clip and that the clip started to resurface once again and is set out at a trending rate and also to mention the part that a number of audience in the time had their thought that they have failed Megan to not give attention over the situation and not taking it seriously.


Megan with her gesture then decided to come forward on Instagram after the time Michael Bay was heavily criticised for his behaviour and the surprising fact out of all is that she defended the personality even after what happened and also addressed the controversies which were taking place on a trending rate.

The fans on the other hand are devastated and are calling Michael Bay out to release any statement over the situation and has also claimed that the personality is putting a cowardly act for now by not speaking on it.

Megan Fox’s romance relationship at now 

Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s romance has been on fire ever since the duo met on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass in 2020. While the rapper admitted that he only took the role because the actress was starring in it, he didn’t know that a major love affair between them was about to begin.

He shared a story with Drew Barrymore (while painting her nails) about those early days on set and how the moment they connected sparks flew — it was straight out of a Hallmark movie. He admitted to hanging outside of her trailer because he had a feeling she was going to invite him to lunch. “My gut is always right and I’m grateful for it,” MGK said on The Drew Barrymore Show. “Then, all of a sudden, someone came over and was like, ‘Megan wants to know if you want to have lunch in her trailer.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’m so surprised. Yeah, absolutely.'”

What happened next is straight out a rom-com script because neither of them expected such an electric moment to occur. After heading into her trailer she asked him, “How do you feel?” Machine Gun Kelly responded, “I’m lost.” And according to the musician, she sweetly replied, “Let’s find you.” He clutched his heart and told Barrymore, “And I was like… killed me. She was cupid.” The talk show host, acting like every rom-com BFF, gushed, “You got hit by her arrow!”

Fox and MGK have rarely been apart since that meet-cute moment. With rumors swirling that the couple is ready to take the “next step in their relationship,” according to ET sources, we wouldn’t be surprised if a holiday engagement caps off the perfect ending to their romantic year.





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