Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi's opponents in his living room

Lionel Messi shows he doesn't need a football pitch to flaunt his skills as he runs rings round his children in his pajamas and socks during a kick-around in his front room.

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Lionel Messi's wife posted a video of him and his sons on Instagram showing Lionel Messi playing with his sons. Lionel Messi's sons compete with their father in the living room. Lionel Messi dominates his opponents.

The seven-time Ballon d'Or Winner worked his magic on the same carpet where his stunning wife defied gravity with an inverted yoga pose hours earlier.

He resisted attempts by youngest son Ciro to take the ball off him with a slide tackle before putting the ball past older brother Mateo who was guarding a makeshift goal set up between the sofa and the fireplace.

Having recently won his seventh Ballon d'Or, Lionel Messi decided to have a kickabout with his children in his living room. His wife, Antonela Roccuzzo posted an Instagram story of him playing with his sons; Thiago (9), Mateo (6) and Ciro (3). The video starts with the PSG attacker running rings around Ciro, who tries his best to wipe out his father. In the latter part of the video, Messi can be seen goalkeeping with his sons fighting for the ball. The video reached its climax when Mateo decided to completely wipe out Ciro with a brutal sliding tackle. After the tackle, Mateo didn't show any sympathy with Ciro making his way to the sidelines.

His children can be seen trying to get the ball off him and one of them is left in a heap on the floor like Jerome Boateng. But they probably did a better job than some defenders who have come up against Messi over the years.

His sons then played amongst each other, with one diving in with a heavy challenge on the other in a challenge that was more like one Sergio Ramos would put in than Messi.

Lionel Messi

Messi played in goal while his sons tried to score past him, probably the only time we will ever see the attacker in the net.

Messi recently won a record-extending seventh Ballon d'Or, having bagged two more than rival Cristiano Ronaldo. In this year's Ballon d'Or standings, the Argentine captain finished ahead of Bayern Munich's Robert Lewandowski (second) and Chelsea's Jorginho (third).

Ronaldo finished in sixth position, with Karim Benzema coming in fourth and N'Golo Kante in fifth.

Having joined PSG during the summer transfer window, Messi has appeared 14 times for the Ligue 1 outfit, scoring six goals.

Messi featured in PSG's recent UEFA Champions League Group A match against Club Brugge. The Parisian outfit sealed a 4-1 win with Messi and Kylian Mbappe scoring a brace. PSG have qualified for the Round of 16 stage in the Champions League.

In Ligue 1, PSG are on top of the table with 42 points, ahead of second-placed Rennes.

In his recent interview to “Marca” Lionel Messi told, that he lives a normal family life, like any other human being. He tries to spend free time with a wife Antonella Roccuzzo and sons. And of course, he tries not to talk about football, when he is at home.

Antonella is known to all football fans in the world, although she is not a celebrity. But she is a woman, who managed to catch Lionel Messi’s heart. By the way, that was not an easy thing. They have been playing with one another since kindergarten age, cohabited together during 9 years, gave a birth to two sons and only then tied a knot officially. In spite of the status of international sports star wife, Anto prefers to stay in the shadow.


Lionel Messi wife

Lionel Messi

She was born in Santa Fe, Argentinean province. Their family lived 5 minutes walk from Jorge and Celia Messi. Since 5 years old Antonella’s brother played with small Lionel. It was he, who introduced Lionel to small Antonella.

They parted the ways, when Messi turned 13. He moved with his father to Spain to play for FC Barcelona. Antonella also lived her own life. She graduated from school and entered the National University of Rosario, where she studied dietetics.

Having graduated from the University, Antonella began working at a local fitness club. She was very beautiful, but was not going to become a model or an actress. The tiny girl (who is just 5 ft 3 in of height) led a very simple modest life. She could remain unknown to the wide audience, if Lionel Messi would go mad from her.


Lionel Messi kids

Thiago Messi the first son of one of the most talented soccer players in the world was born in Dexeus hospital in Spain. After that Leo opened up in his interview that becoming a father turned to be the sweetest thing in his life.

As for now, Thiago is a school pupil. His father takes the boy to school every morning and then picks him up. From time to time they play football together. Thiago has already started to visit soccer training. Probably, he would follow his father’s pace.

Mateo Messi saw the world for the first time in a picturesque city of Barcelona as well. To stay with his newborn son and wife, Leo made a pause in his work and came from USA to Spain. Currently Mateo is just 2, but he has already started to play football with his father and older brother.

Ciro Messi is the only son, who was born after their marriage. Mrs. Messi uploaded the picture with a small round belly to Instagram, thus sharing her big baby news. The baby boy was born in Spain too.







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