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Brad Pitt spotted with German model Nicole Poturalski

Brad Pitt This handsome Hollywood man has a new relationship

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Angelina Jolie's ex-wife Brad Pitt seems to have entered into a romantic relationship. Brad Pitt has been seen with a German model. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie see each other regularly. Brad Pitt's relationship with this German model may affect Brad Pitt's meeting with his children. Her children are now teenagers and can decide who they want to spend time with and who they stay with. His children are now teenagers and can decide who they want to spend time with and who they stay with.

The news comes shortly after sources pointed out how anxious her daughter Shiloh has become to get visitation rights with her father again.

But according to sources, the famous actor behaved like a real “adored teenager” during his ride with the beautiful German.

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The couple were pictured just before boarding a private jet for a Paris getaway to the star’s personal chateau in southern France.

By the reports “They were kissing and Brad was super paying attention to her.”

Even though he was in a semi-public place but people didn’t seem to mind seeing him. He is a real beauty and obviously much younger than him.

According to the findings, Ms Poturalski “was already in Paris, waiting in the Air France lounge for Brad when he arrived from LAX.”

While the timeline of their apparent romance is unclear, there is even less information about the model who appears to have captured Brad’s heart.

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The place of the duo’s escape would be on the grounds of the castle, which Brad was co-owner with his wife Angelina Jolie. They would have bought it in 2008 for an amount of 67 million dollars and would have even celebrated their marriage on the same grounds.

The location has 35 rooms, a spa, hot tub, home theater, and even an indoor pool.

If you haven’t heard, it looks like actor Brad Pitt has a new woman in his life, and is finally moving on from that whole Brangelina nightmare. And since it's been a while since he has been with someone, we’ve got everything you need to know about the gorgeous 27-year old model that's Brad's new bae, Nicole Poturalski.

The first thing we know about Poturalski is that she’s a German model working out of Berlin, and has worked on several of the biggest catwalks in the world including a recent runway at this year's Milan Fashion Show.

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The 27-year-old model works under the name Nico Mary professionally and was on the cover of both Harper’s Bazaar Germany and ELLE Germany, with the latter being for the September 2020 issue.

Poturalski in fact used to be a marine biologist, but in a strange twist of events she caught the eye of a talent scout when she was 13 while visiting Disneyland Paris, and that’s when her modeling career began.

Like Pitt, who has six kids with ex-wife Jolie, Poturalski is a mother too, albeit for just one son named Emil. According to Elle, the couple are children-oriented and do their best to schedule their dates and outings according to their children’s plans and their parenting duties which is both considerate, and cute in our opinion.

The model has traveled all over the world, she can even speak five languages which gives her an international edge. She usually models in Los Angeles, and New York in the USA, and Germany too, there are photos for her all over the place including Italy and Ibiza in Spain.

Interestingly, this relationship may have been going on for longer than we thought, as many believe that their romance may have been going on for almost a year if not longer and that Poturalski hinted that she was in a relationship several times in her social media posts. In one post, back on March 28, she stated that she was with her better half.

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“Saturdays these days for me is self-reflection, reading books spending time with my better half,” wrote Poturalski as she posed holding a cup.

One of the strange moments is when Pitt took Poturalski to Chateau Miraval, the French castle where he and Jolie tied the knot in 2014, on what would have been his and Jolie's fourth wedding anniversary, ouch, but it seems to be intentional and used as a jab at his former wife.

A source told US Weekly: "Taking Nicole to Miraval on their former wedding anniversary, Brad knows exactly what he is doing and the reaction it’s going to get from Angelina."

We wish the couple happiness!




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