Angelina Jolie and Keanu Reeves in love? Rumor Continue + detail

Were Angelina Jolie and Keanu Reeves in a relationship at one point in time? Here’s The Truth!

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A tabloid insisted around two years ago that Angelina Jolie was secretly dating Hollywood A-lister Keanu Reeves.

It was around two years ago when a magazine claimed that the Maleficent actress and the John Wick star were secretly dating each other. It seems they also went for a “top secret” getaway to a deserted island in Greece. 

The publication mentioned that they met after Keanu Reeves' mom and Angie became close neighbors. The tabloid went to the extent of stating that all her six kids were okay with dating the Matrix star. 


A source even insisted that the actor was supposed to be a “good influence” on the Salt actress and had all those attributes she has been looking in a guy. The magazine also purported that Reeves was fond of enigmatic women such as Jolie who also seem to have a darker shade in their personality. 


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The outlet divulged that many people are not aware of their relationship as the duo was tight-lipped and secretive about their dating. It seems that the actor’s mother wanted both of them to proclaim their love to the world and settle down. 

However, the report appears to be a tall tale. A person close to Angie confirmed that the report was incorrect, Gossip Cop reports. The publication claimed that they investigated the story 12 months ago and found it false. 


Angelina Jolie is busy in her contentious divorce and custody battle with her former husband Brad Pitt at present. Her major focus is to raise her six children well, E! News reports. 

On the other hand, Keanu Reeves is in a relationship with Alexandra Grant. The duo is, reportedly, dating each other since 2019. 

If Reeves and Angie were dating each other, all news publications would have covered their relationship for sure. 

Also, this is not the first time the publication came up with a ridiculous tale about Jolie. The same outlet had mentioned that the actress and Bradley Cooper were indulging in “secret sleepovers.” However, this story was also bogus as the two of them have never dated each other.


Another report claimed last year that Angelina Jolie was under the impression that the entire Hollywood hated her. The outlet insisted that she was worried that her reputation was badly affected after her split from Pitt. However, it is a known fact that the actress did not bother about what other people thought about her and her character.







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