Tom Cruise Dating Drew Barrymore? + details

While a relationship between Tom Cruise and Drew Barrymore is a welcome surprise, there is no truth to the tabloid’s claims.

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Tom Cruise is, allegedly, dating Drew Barrymore. According to OK! magazine, the A-listers developed a close relationship with each other during the coronavirus lockdown.

A source told the tabloid that Barrymore and Cruise started talking to each other with the help of Cameron Diaz. After all, the latter is friends with both A-listers.

“Drew has been talking to Tom Cruise a lot during the lockdown, and they’re now on the verge of a full-blown romance. Tom thinks Drew’s adorable and she, of course, says he’s totally dreamy and gets better looking with age,” the source said.


The Mission: Impossible star also, allegedly, gives the impression that he’s serious and intense. But Cruise has a good sense of humor, and he also, allegedly, loves Barrymore’s silly side.

Just last year, Barrymore said that she doesn’t have any problem with being single. In fact, she said that she enjoys her independence. But the tabloid claimed that this changed shortly after she and Cruise started talking.

“There was a moment not too long ago when Drew realized she was ready to date again and Tom was the first guy who came to mind,” the source said.

The ET star, allegedly, felt nervous to call Cruise. But she still did it because she was really interested in dating the actor.


“She was really nervous to call. But as soon as Tom answered and heard her voice, it was smooth sailing. He was really happy to hear from Drew. They had a great talk,” the source said.


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And after talking for a couple of months, the source claimed that Barrymore and Cruise couldn’t wait for the day to come that they could finally hang out. Cruise is in London right now for the filming of his upcoming movie.


“Tom’s been in London, but he’s promised to take Drew out for a night on the town when he’s able. Drew definitely wants to see more of Tom. She gets an incredible buzz every time they talk. And friends are rooting for them too. A lot of people think they’re a great match,” the source said.

While a relationship between Barrymore and Cruise is a welcome surprise, there is no truth to the tabloid’s claims. The only reason the A-listers are being linked to each other is that they are both single.





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