Bruce Willis’ Wife Allegedly Jealous of his closeness to ex-wife Demi Moore +pics

Bruce Willis’ wife, Emma Willis is, allegedly, jealous of the actor’s former partner, Demi Moore.

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Just recently,Demi Moore shared a throwback photo of herself with Bruce Willis at the Emmys in 1987. And a source told New Idea that this was the final straw for Emma.

After all, Willis’ current wife can’t, allegedly, understand why the actor and Moore are still very close to each other.

“It’s just too much. There are more photos of Bruce with Demi than her these days. Even the most secure person in the world would be disturbed,” the source said.


Months ago, Wills and Moore also made headlines amid reports that they quarantined together with their three daughters at the exes’ former marital home in Idaho. Emma, on the other hand, stayed in Los Angeles.

The source said that Emma doesn’t know that Moore’s goal is and why she still seems very close to the Ghost actor.

“No one knows what Demi’s playing at – she usually gets extra likes when she has Bruce in her photos. Demi does lean on Bruce a lot – and while he tells her he sees Demi more like a troubled daughter these days, Emma’s shrewd enough to keep a very careful eye on things,” the source said.

The insider also said that Moore has been through a lot. But she and her daughters are more settled now.

“She and the girls have gone through so many ups and downs with Bruce’s family… but now things are more settled with his eldest three, she wants Demi to let her get on with raising her own two girls,” the source said.


However, Gossip Cop has debunked the tabloid’s claims by saying that Moore and Willis aren’t causing the actor’s current wife to worry. It is also untrue the Willis left Emma at home so he could quarantine with the actress and their daughters.

The exes’ daughter, Scout corrected the misconception by saying that Emma was supposed to join them in Idaho but her sister got into an accident.

Emma also shared a photo of her entire family with Moore and the actress’s daughters via her Instagram account. The photo was taken during Emma’s birthday.

And the fact that she invited Moore and the actress’s daughters to her simple celebration proves that she’s on good terms with the actress.








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