Katie Holmes fights with her boyfriend’s former partner? +detail & pics

It seems Katie Holmes has found a new boyfriend. But a rumor is going around that the First Daughter actress may not be able to enjoy her budding romance.

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Reports have it that Katie Holmes has a new guy in her life. However, speculations are rife that the Batman Begins actress might have problems in her romance as her boyfriend’s former fiancée could fight with her.

A new report’s headline screamed “Catfight for Katie!” The publication claims that Holmes has been hungry for love and is romancing her new beau Emilio Vitolo Jr. However, she is all set to face hostility from Rachel Emmons, her boyfriend’s former fiancée.


There have been speculations of them romancing after the duo was seen in New York exchanging a lot of PDA, Daily Mail reports. A source mentioned that Emmons was besotted with Vitolo. The tipster further claimed that the former fiancée is now demanding explanations from Vitolo, as well as, Holmes.

Meanwhile, other insiders have claimed that the Dawson’s Creek alum was aware that her new boyfriend was engaged to Emmons. Yet, it seems that she started flirting with the celeb chef.

It was further contended that the restaurateur dumped his live-in fiancée via a text message after photos of them were published. The report also insinuates Emmons feels that Holmes snatched her guy from her.

However, the report also insists that Holmes is not in a mood to apologize to her boyfriend’s ex-fiancée. The insider even went to the extent of warning Holmes that she should gear up for facing some “backlash” from the younger woman and her pals.

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Meanwhile, it was reported that Emmons was recently seen with one of her friends in Northern California. She seemed to look happy and “carefree”, Daily Mail reports.

The designer took to Instagram and posted a recent photo of herself in what looked like an antique store. However, these two pictures hardly suggest as if Emmons is getting ready to feud with Katie Holmes.

Also, one of the actress’s representatives slammed the “girl fight” report published by the publication. While Emmons could be naturally upset about her former boyfriend’s betrayal, it seems ridiculous that the two women are in a mood to enter into a brawl for the chef.


Katie Holmes confirms romance with chef Emilio+pics


The tabloid has been notorious for publishing false reports about Holmes. The tabloid contended last July that the Jack and Jill actress parted ways from Jamie Foxx because the latter refused to have a child with her.


The couple was tight-lipped about their alleged relationship. Yet, it was wrong to say that a baby triggered their breakup, Gossip Cop reports. Eventually, it came out that the duo had split several months before the report came out.

As of date, there is no solid piece of evidence to establish that Katie Holmes is gearing up to fight with the ex-fiancé of his reported boyfriend.













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