Where Hilary Duff Eat With Her Husband Before Getting Back Together +details

Here's Where Hilary Duff Would Eat With Her Husband Before Getting Back Together

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Hilary Duff joined Whitney Cummings on her podcast Good For You and delivered some hilariously quick-witted jokes. Not only that, she gave listeners some candid details about her relationship with her husband Matthew Koma. Cummings even told Duff that she envisioned her and Koma getting married before he got down on one knee.



Psychic Engagement Senses

"I have a theory that I knew you were going to get married before you did," Cummings said, "I saw you two at Rusty's Dog Store and before that at Katsuya. Once I didn't say hi, once we did and I saw the way he followed you out. You were leaving the sushi restaurant and he kind of was like shielding you, I can't explain it."


Duff cracked a joke that the shielding was because of her big butt, making Cummings erupt in laughter. She then asked Duff when she knew she was going to marry Koma. The Younger star admitted, "Honestly I didn't even know when we had a baby together. We broke up twice, once I broke up with him, once he broke up with me."



She then detailed how engaging and sensitive Koma is, and how that translates into his relationship with her son Luca whom she shares with ex-husband Mike Comrie. Duff also has a fun and close bond with Koma's mom. The amazing place they're at in their relationship now, however, didn't come together without a confusing back-and-forth reignited romance.


Sushi For Two

"I think you saw me at sushi, if you didn't say hi to us, probably that was like the first time we were getting back together," Duff told Cummings, "We always go for a sushi meal and then it's like the race is on. Then we started dating again, that was like six months." The actress was open about why they broke up again, that they had unresolved issues her now-husband continued to put off.

Duff explained that she can't handle passive-aggressiveness in a relationship, but their issues also helped her learn to ask more questions when in arguments. Five months after that break-up, the two reconnected via Words With Friends, of all things. She couldn't help but blush and smile while recounting the connection that eventually brought them a beautiful daughter together and thriving marriage.





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