'Spy Kids' Star got married:

Who is Alexa PenaVega wife? +details & pics

Here's What 'Spy Kids' Star Carmen Cortez Looks Like Now, And Who is PenaVega wife?

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Fans of the 'Spy Kids' series will remember Carmen Cortez. The character was played by Alexa PenaVega (formerly Vega), and she and onscreen little brother Juni Cortez (Daryl Sabara) fought baddies the way only siblings (and cool tech) can.

Fast forward almost 20 years, and those two kids have definitely grown up! Daryl is nearing 30, and Alexa's already past it. In fact, the two have both gone on to pursuits that are largely off-screen.

That doesn't mean they're not still working, though. As Celebrity Net Worth highlights, Alexa PenaVega's actually worth around $8M these days. Of course, that's due, in part, to her hubby's net worth. But we'll get there in a minute.

Before she wed her current husband, Alexa was married to Sean Covel, a film producer. The pair were married for two years, with the actress announcing via Twitter that they'd divorced in 2012.

The following year, Alexa got engaged to her husband and later, the father of her children, Carlos Pena. If he looks or sounds familiar, here's why: Carlos was a member of Big Time Rush, the Nickelodeon-backed boy band that formed on TV in 2009.

Not only was BTR a boy band, but it was also a TV show. 'Big Time Rush' ran until 2013, with the four members (Carlos plus Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, and Logan Henderson) touring the world between filming.


Funny that a 'Spy Kids' star and a Nickelodeon boy band member would fall for each other, right?

After a wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the couple both changed their last names to PenaVega, started a YouTube channel (LexLovesLos), and moved to Hawaii.

Did we mention, like other Disney and Nickelodeon stars, the PenaVegas are already parents? Their son Ocean was born in 2016 while Kingston arrived in 2019. Alexa shares plenty of the family's picture-perfect adventures on Instagram.

So even though she has continued working after the birth of her sons, appearing in projects ranging from 'The Loud House' and 'The Casagrandes' (also Nick productions) to 'Spare Parts' and 'Wicked Blood,' Alexa's clearly not missing any family time!

And what about her relationship with former co-star Daryl Sabara? Alexa and her 'little brother' are on good terms. Still, it was shocking for most fans to find out who Daryl Sabara was married to.



After all, most people never even know they'd met or were dating! The whirlwind romance seems to have served the pair well, however, and Daryl is happily married to the lady of his dreams.

Fortunately for fans, Alexa PenaVega hasn't forgotten where she came from. As Insider confirmed, both she and Daryl Sabara still remember their characters' full names from the 'Spy Kids' movies. There was even a 'Spy Kids' reunion recently, and both Alexa and Daryl's spouses got in on the fun!






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