Botox injections treat depression as well as banish wrinkes+detail

Botox injections don't just banish wrinkles , they could also help to treat depression, a study has suggested.

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A study has found that Botox injections might aid in the treatment of depression as well as sorting out unwanted wrinkles.

The study carried out by experts from the US and Germany sorted through a database of side-effects from medication usage focusing on patients who had Botox injections.


In their findings, they concluded that patients who had Botox were between 40-88 per cent less likely to suffer from depression than those who were undergoing other treatments for the same reasons.

According to the WHO, over a quarter of a billion people across the world experience depression and, although the condition is usually treated with a combination of psychotherapy and anti-depressant medication, these are ineffective with roughly a third of patients.

As such, medical experts are constantly looking for new treatment options but, it remains to be seen exactly how Botox might be able to combat the mental illness.


Although the injections are mostly known for the treatment of wrinkles, they are used for a variety of other conditions such as spasms, migraines and overactive bladders.

 ‘For years, clinicians have observed that Botox injected for cosmetic reasons seems to ease depression for their patients,’ said paper author and pharmacologist Ruben Abagyan of University of California, San Diego.


‘It’s been thought that easing severe frown lines in forehead region disrupts a feedback loop that reinforces negative emotions.

‘But we’ve found here that the mechanism may be more complex, because it doesn’t really matter where the Botox is injected.’

Further tests will now need to be carried out to confirm exactly how Botox might combat the illness.





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