Kelly Osbourne reveals how she lost 85 pound weight loss +pics

Kelly Osbourne is not one of those celebrities who is unwilling to share how she shed weight.

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Kelly Osbourne, the TV star, looks just amazing these days! A couple of weeks ago we told you that Ozzy Osbourne's daughter was losing weight. These images confirm that her weight loss journey has been worth it. Scroll down to see her impressive transformation.


  • Kelly Michelle Lee Osbourne was born 35 years ago in the UK.
  • As an actress/singer/reality show star/TV host she has grossed an estimated net worth of $15 million.
  • She is 5ft 2in tall and weighs 120lbs.


Apparently epic physical transformations are trending! Adele, Rebel Wilson and now Kelly Osbourne.

I actually suspect that what is really trending is feeling good.



The after of Kelly Osbourne, Rebel Wilson and Adele

These three girls wanted to be their best version, and they're getting it.

When celebrities share this kind of things with fans, they become a motivation and inspiration for them to be encouraged to fulfill their dreams.



She looked stunning

The former Fashion Police star was seen attending a business meeting.

Kelly looked spectacular all in black!

The 35-year-old actress  recently revealed that two years ago she underwent  gastric sleeve surgery.

At the time Osbourne kept it a secret from the press.




However, she alleges that it is the best thing she did in her life and doesn't regret it or lie about it.

Ozzy's daughter also said that she received a series of injections in her jaw and that this gave her the final push to begin to notice the big change.

The Papa Don't Preach singer has lost 85 pounds so far and is looking better than ever.

We are glad to see her so well and hope to see Kelly on screen soon.



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