Jamie Oliver's new photo provoked incredible reaction from fans +pics

Jamie Oliver shared a photo of his breakfast on Saturday, and it garnered the sweetest responses.

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Jamie Oliver was reminiscing about his childhood on Saturday, sharing a photo of porridge made the exact way his grandad used to serve it, and the delicious snap has sparked the most incredible discussion!

Fans flocked to the comment section of doting dad Jamie's post to share their own family memories, and some of the messages are sure to put a smile on your face.

Jamie Oliver wrote: "MORNING ALL! Porridge just like my grandad used to make it ! It was a ritual that was for sure. 

"Made the old fashioned way with water and a pinch of salt then into a cold bowl ( helps firm it up ), granulated brown sugar and then leave for a few minutes when it totally transforms into syrupy heaven, then cut with a knife into a criss cross, then like magic the porridge starts to float on the syrup! 



Jamie shared the photo on Instagram

"Then for a Gush of Gold top milk into the Gullies a taste of childhood right there !! Bring on Saturday morning kids TV Banana split , three musketeers, Lassi haha."


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Before long, the famous chef's followers starting sharing memories of their own.



Jamie's entire family love food 

"Oh, Jamie, I love this SO much. I used to watch grandpa do this every morning all through my childhood. That brought back such happy memories," wrote one.

"OMG, I thought my gran was the only one to make it this way?! Sooo good!" added another, with a third telling Jamie: "We had it the very same way in Dublin 65 years ago delicious before I went to school thanks for the memory."

A fourth of Jamie's social media fans recalled: "This gives me all the feels. My Scottish grandparents made it this way, I can't eat it any other way and I make it for my kids like this too, and they love it!"

It's amazing that food can evoke such precious memories! 













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