Aida Field reveals the secret of her incredibly young skin + pics

Ayda Field treated herself to a cryotherapy session on Friday. it's no wonder her skin looks so good!

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Ayda Field,the Loose Women star, took to Instagram to share a photo of her icy chamber, revealing she lasted a whole three minutes in the sub-zero temperatures.

"I did my first chyro today… three mins."

The famous mum's snap also revealed that inside the chamber the temperature was a shocking -28.2C!


Ayda shared the post on Instagram 

Cryotherapy is a therapeutic treatment which is used to manage pain, stimulate the immune system and encourage weight loss. 

The treatment also has numerous health benefits, including, but not limited to, preventing anxiety, depression, insomnia, skin problems, muscle strain, back pain and cardiovascular disease.




And while Ayda Field is busy immersing herself in ridiculously chilly temperatures, husband Robbie Williams has been getting his steps in by taking brisk walks around their enormous home! 

Dressed in a grey jumper, jeans and black trainers, the Angels singer could be seen briskly walking around the living room in the house he shares with Ayda Field and their children Teddy, eight, Charlie, five, Coco, two, and baby Beau.



Robbie has been getting his steps in lately! 

With Ayda Field behind the camera, she could be heard asking her other half: "What are you doing?" to which Robbie replied: "I'm getting my steps in."

Turning the screen of his phone around to face the camera, he revealed he had already reached an impressive 18,000 steps for the day, but was continuing to walk around the house until he reached his target – weaving in and out of the glass coffee table, indoor plants and sofas as he went.

While Robbie didn't say what number he was aiming for, Ayda Field praised his efforts and said "only 1,000 left" – and 19,000 is far past the recommended 10,000 per day! "Look at you, fitness fiend," Ayda joked. 





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