Ivanka Trump with her £3,000 suit alongside her daddy at his initial presidential discussion +pics

Ivanka Trump is known for stunning her fans with her incredible fashion sense. she recently Got Everybody’s Attention With Her £3k Suit.

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The first daughter Ivanka Trump was in Cleveland Ohio to support her father President Donald Trump ahead of his presidential debate with his rival Joe Biden stun everyone.  To match the occasion, the senior White House advisor donned a superbly elegant full white suit that caught good attention of people and media. Even more attention mongering is the price of the dress which stands at £3,000 ($3,872).

Ivanka Trump is known for stunning her fans with her incredible fashion sense and she carried it to Ohio too. Even the face mask was in sync with her flight suit which is the latest trend being followed by celebrities everywhere. It’s 2020, masks are now more popular than hats – from Lady Gada to UK’s Kate Middleton, all are giving the latest style lesson of masks and Ivanka is no exception.


Ohio was the first one and two more are on the way, being one of the most politically active members of the family, in all likelihood, she will join him again, so more fashionable bits may be expected.

Gabriela Hearst is one of her favorite brands and the white outfit also comes from the same house.

Ivanka wore the blazer in style - the upper part slightly open and the lower part tied around her petite waist. The sleeves feature four buttons at the wrist as well as pockets at the top of the blazer. 


Seemingly all of the family members were feeling the office vibes, the first lady Melania Trump wore a black and white pinstripe suit. Ivanka Trump’s sister, Tiffany Trump sported a bright pink blazer on the top of a black turtleneck top. 

Trump's family looked spectacular, and Trump was in the same attire as usual. Trump wore a navy blue suit with a pink and blue striped tie.


It was all good for the family from the standpoint of fashion, but the support from family members didn’t work out well.  Trump tried hard but stumbled badly and Joe Biden used the opportunity to move the race that is running his way forward. The sitting Head of Office has got a big thumbs down from media and people, the wave in the country justifies Trump’s current state of mind which is marked with frustration, anger, and regular inappropriate behavior.

The big day i.e. November 3 is not far away – will the wave continue? A good portion of the American population doesn't feel so, but Trump doesn't seem to lose hope. 






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