Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Getting Botox Treatments Together + before & after photos

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban perform plastic and Botox surgery to help cope with marital stress.

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are, allegedly, in a nip and tuck kind of marriage.

Last year, Life & Style claimed that Kidman and Urban are dealing with so much stress in their marriage. And one of the things that they are doing to help deal with marital stress is by getting plastic surgery and Botox.

A source told the tabloid that marital stress can bring about worry and fine lines on a person’s face. And since Kidman and Urban are trying to show the world that they have a perfect marriage, they can’t, allegedly, look stressed in public.


“They've gone in for solo treatments, of course, but they also have a cosmetic surgeon who comes to see them in the privacy of their own home,” a source said.

The insider also claimed that Urban and Kidman aren’t against fillers or a few injections because they know that this can keep the spark in their marriage.


However, Gossip Cop debunked the tabloid’s claims by saying that they are untrue. The rumor-debunking site doesn’t know for sure why the tabloids tend to say that Kidman and Urban’s marriage needs saving.

When the rumor first broke out last year, Gossip Cop reached out to Urban’s rep, who laughed at the absurd claims. In the past, the Big Little Lies star admitted to trying Botox but it didn’t take her very long before she stopped because she found better ways to take care of her skin.


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Gossip Cop also slammed the tabloid for all the times that they concocted dubious claims about Kidman and Urban. Last July, the tabloid claimed that the couple was trying to save their marriage after being plagued with trust issues and jealousy.


The same tabloid also claimed that the couple split after their recent trip to Australia. However, none of these claims are true. Kidman and Urban are doing fine, and their relationship is also going strong.

It is unclear where all the rumors surrounding their relationship are coming from. But it seems that they only come from the tabloids.

On their social media accounts, Kidman and Urban have also been posting loved-up photos of themselves to indirectly debunk the tabloid’s claims that they are on the brink of a divorce.










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