Kate Middleton borrowed a modern fashion trend that Meghan Markle loves! +photos

Kate Middleton has been wearing a modern fashion trend that Meghan Markle also loves!

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Kate Middleton opted to stack her jewellery with a double chain and her beautiful personalised necklace featuring her children's initials – while in the past, she has usually opted to just wear one necklace.

Sister-in-law Meghan loves to stack jewellery, too! The Duchess often wears multiple rings or necklaces, and likes to layer dainty chains just like Kate did.


Kate wore her stacking necklaces at a recent engagement


It was recently revealed that Kate's new jewellery was a sweet gift from her March trip to Ireland, when she was given her sentimental disc necklace with the letters G, C, and L.

The small business, called All The Falling Stars, confirmed it on Instagram with a caption that read: "A special personalised version of this necklace was gifted to the Duchess of Cambridge on one of her official visits in Galway earlier this year, with her children’s initials stamped on each disc - it’s back in stock and available in our online shop now!"

The Duchess added her double strand chain from Spells of Love, £85, to complete her stacked look.


Meghan loves to layer her necklaces


Meghan has wowed fans with her modern jewellery pieces ever since she joined the royal family, and loves to layer delicate pieces.


The Duchess of Sussex stacks her rings, too!

The royal often wears two of her favourite zodiac necklaces together, and was also pictured stacking her chains during her first ever royal tour to Australia and New Zealand.



Meghan wears Kismet Charm Necklace, £125, Edge of Ember

During her International Women's Day appearance in March, Meghan also stacked her Edge of Ember 'Kismet Charm Necklace' with another gold chain.

The former actress loves to wear a number of rings as well as her engagement and wedding bands, too, rocking everything from affordable pieces to statement designer jewels from Pippa Small.









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