Cristiano Ronaldo launched His New Fragrance 'CR7 Game On'+ pic

Cristiano Ronaldo expands his Brand with launch of new fragrance 'CR7 Game On', and shared the news on his Instagram page.

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Cristiano Ronaldo, the legendary football player for Juventus and the Portuguese national team is becoming a business tycoon, as his multiple initiatives have only grown in the last decade. Ronaldo is still soaring on the football field despite being 35 years old, and he has the body to accomplish it. He recently launched his new fragrance 'CR7 Game On', and shared the news on his Instagram page saying "When the night falls, she’s yours to take. Own the night with the new CR7 Game On."

This is not the first of Ronaldo's perfumes, he launched his first in fall 2015 called: 'Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy' after partnering with Eden Parfums. The fragrance has a  combination of cinnamon, bergamot, lavender, and green apple. The 'CR7 Game On' perfume is more of a woody aromatic fragrance, with top notes being apple, papaya, cardamom and ice.



As mentioned earlier, Ronaldo has numerous business ventures, including CR7 underwear which he launched in October 2013 in partnership with JBS Textiles. He also has pushed his brand to clothing, a chain of hotels, and his very own sunglasses.

It seems many are really looking forward to trying the new perfume out, as evident from the comments on his Instagram post.


In other news, Ronaldo has also recently gone viral for old video footage showcasing his leadership back when he used to play for Real Madrid. His teammate Karim Benzema is seen missing a shot and getting booed by the crowds, to which Ronaldo asks the crowd to stop and clap instead. Ronaldo later gets an assist from Benzema, and points to his fellow teammate while celebrating to have the crowds acknowledge the fact that he helped him get that goal. Ronaldo's truly a team player!

The football legend also spoke of Andrea Pirlo's appointment as Juventus manager, saying “as I am getting ready for my third season as a Bianconero, my spirit and ambition are as high as ever. Goals. Victories. Commitment. Dedication. Professionalism. With all my strength and with the precious help from my teammates and all of the Juventus staff, we work once again to conquer Italy, Europe and the World."


He continued “Breaking records and overcoming obstacles. Winning titles and achieving personal goals. To do more and better once and again. To reach higher and to succeed in all challenges that may come our way." And also “Making every year into an adventure better than the one before and winning everything for our fans and supporters.”

Ronaldo is still in his prime at age 35, having scored 31 goals in 33 Serie A matches for Juventus last season.




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