How can the last days of pregnancy looked like Eniko Hart's?+pics

Eniko Hart seems to be in high spirits, and very much involved in all aspects of life, not taking a backseat to the irritability at all.

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Eniko Hart 's baby will be born any day now, and we all wish our final days of pregnancy looked like this.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman's life. The pregnant glow is very real, as moms-to-be carry their babies with pride, in anticipation of meeting their newest little family member. Of course, as exciting and truly magical as this time is, it certainly also comes with its fair share of struggles and an overwhelming sense of uncomfortable feelings and exhaustion, especially in the final weeks of pregnancy.

We've all seen the shows where women in their final stages of pregnancy are irritable and ready to "get the baby out", as they're depicted as being truly fed up with the uncomfortable feeling.


That clearly doesn't ring true for Eniko Hart. She seems to always be glowing and happy, and let's not forget, she's still in full-on beast mode, in spite of being ready to have her baby girl any day now.

Eniko's baby will be born any day now, and we all wish our final days of pregnancy looked like this...


Eniko Lives It Up

She may be ready to give birth at any moment, but that doesn't mean Eniko Hart has lost sight of her party days, either. She recently put up an adorable photo with hubby Kevin Hart as the two got all dolled up in 50s costumes for a themed party. They spared no expense and went all-out in creating the 50s theme for their big outing together. The very pregnant Eniko stopped to pose for a photo, and fans can't help but notice that she's as cute as can be in her final stages of pregnancy.


Most women would have reached the jogging pant stage by this stage, but not Eniko. She's rocking a stunning dress, and her hair and makeup are a perfect match. Her adorable kicks are perfect for pregnancy comfort, but still scream "I've got this" as part of her perfectly assembled ensemble. This looks like the perfect date night with her Kevin Hart.


Eniko In Beast Mode

If you've imagined the last week of a woman's pregnancy to include a super lazy and very wiped out woman laying on the couch, that may be the story for many, but it's not at all what Eniko Hart is up to in her final days with baby in tow. Quite the contrary, Eniko is working out and living up to the expectations of her Fabletics status. "Last workout of this pregnancy  #40 Weeks" she wrote, followed by; "Leggooo baby K, andy day now... it's time to meet mommy and daddy."

Any day now, we'll be able to set our eyes on the newest, and last little Hart to join the family.








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