Salma Hayek unveils decadent chocolate cake + photo

Salma Hayak was forced to clarify it wasn't her 16th birthday after celebrating a huge milestone with a decadent chocolate cake.

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Salma Hayek had a huge reason to celebrate on Tuesday after she hit a new milestone – 16 million Instagram followers!

The Mexican actress marked the occasion with a very decadent chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache and sprinkles as well as the number 16 in candles. Salma showed off her stunning cake on social media as she blew out her candles, causing many to assume it was her birthday.


"I’m not celebrating my sweet 16, I’m celebrating my sweet 16 followers!!! #sweet16 #grateful," Salma clarified in the caption. But this didn't stop several confused fans from sending her birthday messages!

"Happy birthday! Love you," one follower commented, while another joked: "Happy sweet 16th." A third said: "It took me a minute but then I noticed you have 16 million followers!! Wow! Congrats!!"

Salma, 54, has previously opened up about her diet, which includes lots of healthy foods – and even the occasional creepy crawly!

On her juice website Cooler Cleanse, she said: "I don't like to diet and I'm not good at it." But she loved juicing so much so she started her own company.

"When I feel stressed, I turn to food for comfort," she wrote on the website. "After doing a juice cleanse, I'm motivated to eat healthier and not emotionally. Cleansing is like my meditation. It makes me stop, focus, and think about what I'm putting into my body. I'm making a commitment to my health and hitting the reset button."


And instead of snacking on the usual fruits, biscuits or muesli bars, Salma insists she doesn’t mind dining on bugs. She told Harper’s Bazaar that in Mexico they "have crickets, and then the ant’s eggs and then we gave these worms. You fry them. If you fry anything, it tastes good, but they’re really delicious. The bugs are incredible!"





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