Favorite Celebrities Without Makeup+ photos

There are 5 Best Photos Of Celebrities Without Makeup, including Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Charlize Theron

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See these celebrities who look radiant even without makeup, including , including Lady Gaga, Celine Dion aqnd more stars!


1- Lady Gaga

The red carpet history of the pop star-turned-actress Lady Gaga is quite special and she is definitely a woman who is ready to impress with wild fashion statements. Gaga’s all-natural photo is not an exception to her disruptive behavior, but make no mistake: there is a young woman who is both beautiful and talented underneath her otherworldly stage persona.



2- Celine Dion

One of our favorite divas ever, Celine Dion has been successful as a singer since 1980. Born in the small city of Charlemagne, she climbed the success ladder and has gone on to become one of the world’s richest and highest-celebrated singers. We all know the star looks amazing on the red carpet. However, can she pull off not wearing any makeup? Looking at the photo on the left, Celine Dion looks great even with no makeup on.


Celine Dion:I had to rebuild myself after my husband's death +pics



3- Madonna

Now 61 years old, American singer Madonna is done with singing “Like a Virgin” but the “Queen of Pop” is still considered a feminine symbol in spite of her age. She has always lived her life to the fullest, and it remains far from over. She still looks sharp and ready for a performance even without any makeup on! The picture above is not the most flattering, though there’s no doubt the test of time has not really hit her hard.



4- Kim Kardashian

Arguably the most famous female celebrity in the world, Kim Kardashian is a reality TV and Social Media superstar who is used to dictating trends and styles. In terms of makeup, there’s nothing she can’t pull off, but does Kim look good with only her all-natural face? Looking at a selfie that has been shared online, Kim’s heavy use of makeup has affected her skin. Still, she has probably already recovered from sunburn and continues to influence her more than 157 million Instagram followers.

Kim Kardashian


5- Charlize Theron

Whether Charlize Theron is starring in highly-regarded films, such as Mad Max: Fury Road and Monster, or representing Dior in a steamy perfume commercial, she exhales beauty, style, and class. In spite of the attempts of hardworking paparazzi (as shown in the picture), she still looks gorgeous without makeup. Charlize is in her mid-40s now, but she is among the best-looking moms on this list.

Charlize Theron







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