Hollywood's Most Popular Face Masks + pics & prices

Sarah Jessica Parker Keeps Wearing Hollywood's Most Popular Face Masks.

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Leave it to Sarah Jessica Parker to serve us some fashionable face mask looks and Hollywood's Most Popular Face Masks 

In case you haven’t been keeping a close eye on SJP like we always are, she’s been rocking some seriously glamorous face masks from Masqd recently. The actress has been photographed wearing different cloth masks from the brand at least five times since August, so we’d say she’s a fan. And she’s not the only one that’s hopped on the Masqd train — tons of other celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid, and Sophie Turner have also turned to the brand for its stylish options.

Masqd has dozens of trendy masks to choose from, including tie-dye and ribbed options. SJP has selected some of its boldest and most glamorous styles to wear while shopping, visiting her shoe brand’s flagship store in Manhattan, or simply strutting around the city, including super sparkly crystal and sequined ones. (Whether she’s taking notes from J.Lo or J.Lo is taking notes from her, we’re not sure — but we’re here for it.)

All of Masqd’s face masks are made with two layers of fabric and have a cotton lining, nose wire, and adjustable earloops. Most retail at $20, but you’ll find a few on sale for just $14 right now.



Shop now: Masqd Crystal Face Mask, $20; masqd.com; Masqd Black Crystal Face Mask, $20; masqd.com

When Parker’s not wearing a glittery mask, she’s wearing a bright pink or sexy lace one (and opting for glitter on her high-heeled boots instead).



Shop now: Masqd Black Sequin Face Mask, $20; masqd.com; Masqd Lace Face Mask, Limited Edition, $20; masqd.com



Shop now: Masqd Fuschia Face Mask, $14 (was $20); masqd.co

Masqd’s most popular styles can sell out quickly (and we imagine even more so now that everyone knows which ones SJP has been wearing) so make sure to add your favorite options to your cart ASAP before they’re gone.








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