Fall Hair Color Trends 2020 + photos

We asked a few celeb colorists for their best hair color ideas for fall. Here are the shades you need to know.

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Hair color trends can be cyclical, and fall 2020 is shaping up to be a prime example of that. With everyone still self-isolating, it's not about going out of your comfort zone. Rather, it's about sticking to what's familiar. "We're definitely making the switch to darker, richer tones for the fall this year," says Andrew Fitzsimons. "We've all grown to accept more of our natural shades this year, so we'll be sticking to lower-maintenance colors for fall that are a bit closer to our natural shade and easy to maintain."

Fitzsimons says to think about darker, richer tones: dark reds, chocolatey brown, espresso with warm tones, caramel highlights, and toffee. These colors are warm and cozy, just how fall is intended to be. Scroll though to find some major hair inspo.




Chrissy Teigen wears a caramel toffee shade all over for a warm hair look that we love. It's the kind of transitional hair color you can let grow in for awhile.


2- Toffee


Beyonce's hair looks gorgeous and glam in a light and dimensional coffee shade that is so easy to maintain.


3- Mulled Wine


Take red hair a few notches warmer for winter with a dusky crimson shade. Zendaya's hair color has hints of chardonnay red with onyx and auburn accents for dimension.


4-Mulled Wine


Classic braids like Rihanna's feel fresh for fall when done in a spicy red shade.


5- Deep Chocolate Brown


Kerry Washington wears her lob in a deep chocolate brown with a an auburn tint that peeks through only when in certain light.


6- Deep Chocolate Brown


Gemma Chan's mix of neutral and light tones makes for a cold brew-inspired shade perfect for fall.


7-Caramel Highlights


We're always inspired by JLO's beauty looks. Here, she wears her angled lob with chunky caramel highlights, bringing in some cool '90s vibes.


8- Caramel Highlights


Miranda Kerr's face-framing highlights are more subtle and easily blend in with her light brown strands.


9- Espresso With Warm Tones


Shay Mitchell's dark espresso shade has a warm tone to it that adds dimension to the entire look.


10- Espresso With Warm Tones


Mandy Moore's espresso shade is strong from her hairline to her ears and then lightens as you get to the ends with a warm, caramel hue.











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