5 ways to prevent mosquitoes from biting you

5 ways will help you prevent that mosquito from aiming his wrath at you

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These methods will help you prevent that mosquito from aiming his wrath at you

With warm weather, we spend a lot of time outside and we also like to throw open our windows at night to let the cool air in. The result: mosquitoes coming from far and wide to have a taste of our blood. To the mosquito, this is a nice meal, but to us, it just means having a bunch of itchy red bumps. What can you do about it? Well, there are quite a few methods to keep those nasty insects as far away from you as possible. Have you tried these five tricks before?



No more mosquito bites for you!


1. The fan

Mosquitoes aren’t able to fly very well when it’s windy. Even a light breeze is too much for them already. You can definitely use this weakness against them: just turn on the fan! Try aiming the fan downwards a little because the mosquitoes will try to fly a little lower to avoid the breeze.


2. Light clothes

These nasty insects most often strike when the sun is either just rising or just setting. They will look for colours that contrast with the horizon, like black and other dark colours. If you wear light colours, you will be less visible to them mosquito and therefore less appetizing. White clothes might not be handy when it comes to barbecue sauce and marinated meat, but it’s definitely a good trick if you don’t want to be bitten.


3. Lavender

Insects hate the smell of lavender, so if you plant a few lavender plants in your garden they will frequent it a lot less. You can also rub lavender directly on your skin by using some essential oil if you want to keep the mosquitoes at a distance. This is especially nice if you’re about to go to bed because the smell of lavender relaxes people. So, the Zzz sounds will come out your mouth instead of the mosquito’s mouth.


4. Garlic

This method might ward off people as well as mosquitoes. Having warned you about that we can confirm that eating a lot of garlic will cause your pores to excrete a smell of garlic. Because of this, you will smell less like human and the mosquitoes will be less tempted to come at you.


5. Cloves

Besides lavender, mosquitoes also hate the smell of cloves. You can fill a bowl with water and add some cloves to this. Place this on a table or on your nightstand and the nasty buggers will stay away and bug you a lot less.







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