Linda Nolan defeated breast cancer +photos

Linda Nolan rings the ‘chemotherapy bell’ to signal the end of cancer treatment.

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Singer Linda Nolan celebrated the end of her breast cancer treatment this weekend by ringing the hospital ‘chemotherapy bell’.

Just one month after her sister Anne completed her own chemotherapy treatment, Linda celebrated just behind her, sharing the news with fans and followers.




Ms Nolan shared a photograph of the milestone on Twitter, writing: ‘I rang the bell today!’

The 61 year old TV personality was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2006, and more recently with incurable secondary cancer in her pelvis and liver.

Linda and her sister Anne (69) of the famous singing Nolan family received their cancer diagnoses within days of one another, after they lost their sister Bernie to cancer in 2013.

Sharing the experience with Hello! Magazine, Linda said: ‘It was an amazing feeling and I felt so emotional, especially when all the nurses came out and cheered. It’s been such a lovely day.’

She admitted that some of the side effects of the chemotherapy, like going bald, were ‘traumatic’, but said that she was proud to make it out the other end.




Her sister Anne had previously been hospitalised following a nasty reaction to the chemotherapy, confessing later that she couldn’t have ‘got through it’ without Linda there with her.

‘She refused to leave my side’, admitted Anne. ‘I reacted so badly to chemo and my anxiety levels were sky high’.

Responding to all the messages of love and support since her treatment ended, Linda wrote on Twitter: ‘WOW, still going through all the amazing tweets and messages… Very overwhelming! Thank you all so so much for your love and support’.




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