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Finally, Kim Kardashian commented on the relationship between Kanye West and Julia Fox

THERE'S no bad blood between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's new boo, Julia Fox

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Kim Kardashian is ‘glad’ that Kanye West’s girlfriend Julia Fox is a ‘fan’ of famous family and NOT a ‘hater’

THERE'S no bad blood between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's new boo, Julia Fox, as the reality star is 'glad' the actress is a 'fan' of her famous family - not a 'hater'.

Kim Kardashian is happy to see estranged husband Kanye West romancing with Julia Fox.

As per TMZ, the 41-year-old thinks it's good that the rapper is smiling again and feels that Fox has had a good impact on him.

It is also reported that Kanye's new muse is a 'die-hard' fan of Kim's Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The mother-of-four thinks it is good for her co-parenting future with the rapper.

Julia is said to have been a fan of the since 2007 and recently spoke about Khloe Kardashian on her podcast Forbidden Fruits. In her show, Fox also advised Khloe Kardashian to move on from her cheating boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

Kanye was first seen with Julia on New Year's Eve.

TMZ reported that Kim, 41, has no problem with Kanye's budding romance.

In fact, she actually has a good feeling about Julia, given the fact that she's a "fan" of the Kardashian family.

Sources close to the KKW Beauty mogul say she's happy to see her ex happy and wants "to see him end up with a good person," according to the outlet.

The insider noted that Kim is leaving the judgement up to Kanye.

They also said that Kim is thrilled Julia's into the Kardashians.

She hopes it will help make co-parenting easier should the Donda rapper decide to introduce her to his kids.

TMZ reported that Kim has completely moved on and she wants nothing but good things for her ex.

The former Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been linked to Pete Davidson.




Julia Fox

Although Kim and Kanye have seemingly moved on, fans aren't over it quite yet.

Following his second date photoshoot with Julia, Kanye and his new boo have been accused of recreating an iconic photo of him and his ex.

Fans are slamming the Chicago native for his attempt to "recreate" an old photo of him and Kim, seemingly trying to make her jealous.

A TikTok user with the name @insydwetrust brought the photo to followers' attention in a video shared over the weekend.

In the post, the creator shared a pic from Kanye and Julia's Interview Magazine shoot which showed Julia resting her head on his shoulder.

"It's him retaking the same pic that was legendary during Kimye," the user alleged.

The video then showed the old photo of Kim and Kanye snuggling on a couch

Both had their eyes closed.

Other TikTokers shared their theories about the photo, with one writing: "He did it to hurt her.

Another agreed: "HE'S TRYING SO HARD."

"I literally got in an ig fight today over this LMAOO!! He's literally recreating it!" a third wrote.

Kanye has been flaunting his romance with Julia from city to city.

The pair were seen on several dates, first in Miami and then in New York City.

Julia recently flew to LA to spend more time with Kanye.

Kim, meanwhile, recently returned from a trip to the Bahamas with Pete.

The two supernovas of fame began their divorce in February, and by October, Kardashian had been linked to Davidson. Those two have explored something of a teenage romance. Dates comprised of roller coasters, Spider-Man movies, and pajama parties. As for Ye, he’s been dating around, and most recently took Fox to two Carbone locations, one in Miami and one in New York—she wrote all about it in Interview. 

there is a side theory, one that isn’t mutually exclusive with the make-Kim-jealous theory, which states that Fox and West’s dates are somehow tied to fashion brand promotion, an idea supported by the fact that Fox wore head-to-toe Diesel to dinner at Craig’s in Los Angeles on Monday night.



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