Tom Cruise waves at fans while sitting on moving train for Mission +photos

Tom Cruise was recently filmed by fans sitting at the top of a train while filming for an action sequence for the upcoming 'Mission: Impossible' film.

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The "Mission: Impossible" franchise is to a great extent about impossible stunts that none but Tom Cruise can pull off. The latest installment of the action franchise is no different in that sense as it is also capitalizing its popularity on the quality of stunts that the contributors have been teasing on social media. This time, it’s Tom Cruise who has sparked a frenzy with a jaw-dropping setting involves a moving train.



Though the shot wasn’t much like a part of an action sequence, it certainly gave an idea of what kind of action may come with the upcoming agent-movie. The shot was taken and uploaded by a fan on Twitter over the weekend -  Cruise is seen chilling out with his crew members on the top of a moving train, sort of like a break from filming.




Last month, the "Mission: Impossible 7" director Christopher McQuarrie had shared the first glimpse of the project on the social media that was even more bizarre in nature than the fiery speed of a train. In the shot shared by McQuarrie, a man was seen standing tall and alone on a mountain-high track that curled upward towards the end into nothingness.


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The "Top Gun" star, 58, is coming back as Ethan Hunt after 6 successful installments - for the seventh movie in the "Mission: Impossible" franchise. The movie is slated to be released someplace in 2021.


Due to the coronavirus-led lockdown, the production was shelved for months and it wasn’t expected to be around soon. Fortunately, the resumption happened sooner than anyone expected. It’s been about the month since the production has been resumed and Tom has been incredibly busy with the hectic filming schedule. The pace is now alright, Tom with his team has headed to Norway to do the rest of the shooting. Along the course of his filming, he met with an eager fan who he decided to surprise with the moving train bit.


Tom is a sucker for stunts. In other words, the movie features tons of adventurous breathtaking action sequences, generally turn out to be Tom-kind. "Mission: Impossible 7" is certainly from the club. The wait for the movie is not very relieving, but it is worth it considering the kind of movie we are expecting.

No wonder, fans are psyched up to see all these incredible shots from the shoots and it’s definitely keeping them hooked. As the release date approaches, more bits from the project will come to view.





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