Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Natural' Beauty Habits + photos

Gwyneth Paltrow may actually have some beauty habits that are fairly effective, though they're not as natural as fans might expect.

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Gwyneth's lifestyle brand, Goop, sells all kinds of stuff, including weird things like a candle that smells like her. And while plenty of critics like to hate on the celeb for her "natural" lifestyle and offbeat health recommendations, it's not all silliness.


In addition to past ridiculous life advice from Goop, Gwyneth may actually have some beauty habits that are fairly effective... Of course, they're not all as 'natural' as her branding might suggest. Here's everything fans should know about Gwyneth Paltrow's almost-natural skincare routine.


 1- Vitamin C Is The Answer To Everything


We already know that Gwyneth has natural (or nearly natural) solutions to every beauty and health problem. Her books on food (including The Clean Plate: Eat, Reset, Heal and Notes From My Kitchen Table) inspire healthier living and a more balanced gut, among other things. Plus, Gwyneth even hosted a makeup-free party for celebs, so we know she agrees that less is more. The same applies when recovering from a night out, according to Byrdie. Gwyneth's solution to feeling "bloated and icky" is to whip up a vitamin-C rich juice.


 2- Smart Water Is The First Step To Smarter Beauty

Smart Water Is The First Step To Smarter Beauty

When a journalist from Byrdie interviewed Gwyneth Paltrow, their corner of Ulta was stocked with plenty of SmartWater. As the writer explained, Gwyneth's assistants were overheard whispering about getting the celeb's favorite beverage in place before her big entrance. It's not surprising, though, because other celebs (like Jennifer Aniston, a SmartWater spokesperson) also swear by the drink. If only it wasn't so expensive compared to H20 from the tap!


3- Good Luck Imitating Gwyneth's Habits, Though

Good Luck Imitating Gwyneth_s Habits_ Though

SmartWater might be the most affordable thing on Gwyneth's beauty must-have list. Since she focuses on diet as the instrumental element of beauty, what she eats probably counts a lot toward her glowing skin and healthy hair. As Byrdie explained, however, "Another element of Paltrow's beauty identity is shameless opulence." A week's worth of her meals from It's All Easy costs about $470, the publication noted, and that's before you even start buying beauty products to slather on your skin.


4- On Gwyneth's Go-To List? Mario Badescu


We shouldn't be surprised, because nearly every celeb swears by this product. But Gwyneth's solution to blemishes doesn't even come from her Goop line. Instead, she turns to Mario Badescu drying lotion, something she says she's used "forever." While it can be hard to find, the drying lotion is an affordable pick that tons of celebs use, and facialists recommend it, too.


5- Of Course, Goop Products Dominate Her Beauty Drawer


There's a reason Gwyneth created Goop, so it makes sense that she uses a lot of her line's products. For example, Byrdie explained that Gwyneth's top beauty hack is keeping moisturized. To do that, she keeps Goop organic face oil with her at all times. But she doesn't just apply the $110 product to her face: she puts it in her hair, on her legs, and anywhere else that's dry.





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